Yes are an English rock institution that formed in 1968. As one of the founding purveyors of rock maximalism, the band has made extensive use of contrapuntal arrangements and epic song-form throughout their career. The sidelong rock sonata “Close to the Edge” and the radio evergreens “Roundabout,” “Your Move/All Good People,” “Long Distance Runaround,” “Yours Is No Disgrace,” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart” are among the band’s most globally revered works.

Members: Chris Squire (bass, 1968-2015), Jon Anderson (vocals, 1968-79, 1983-2004), Tony Kaye (keyboards, 1968-71, 1983-95), Bill Bruford (drums, 1968-72, 1990-92), Peter Banks (guitar, 1968-70), Steve Howe (guitar, 1970-80, 1990-92, 1996-present), Rick Wakeman (keyboards, 1971-74, 1976-79, 1990-92, 1996, 2002-04), Alan White (drums, 1972-present), Patrick Moraz (keyboards, 1974-76), Trevor Horn (vocals, 1979-80), Geoffrey Downes (keyboards, 1979-80, 2011-present), Trevor Rabin (guitar, vocals, 1983-95)

Over the past half-century, the band has witnessed numerous lineup changes. The most constant member in the band’s history was bassist Chris Squire, who played with the band from its inception until his death in 2015.


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