Sam Apple Pie

Sam Apple Pie was an English blues-rock band that released a self-titled album on Decca in 1969. Their early lineup formed the nucleus of Help Yourself. In 1973, a latter-day formation released the album East 17 on DJM Records.

Members: Sam “Tomcat” Sampson (vocals, blues harp), Andy “Snakehip” Johnson (slide guitar), Dog Renny [Bob Rennie] (bass, vocals, 1968-?), Mike “Tinkerbell” Smith (guitar), Dave Charles (drums, ?-1970), Malcolm Morley (keyboards, ?-1970), Steve Jolly (guitar), Mick Stuart (drums, 1970-?), Lee Baxter Hayes Jr. (drums), Denny “Pancho” Barnes (guitar, 1971-?), Steve Golick (keyboards), Mark Demajo (bass, 1976-77), Martin Bell (drums), Jimmy Knox (drums, 1977-?), Gary Fletcher (bass, 1977-?), Tiam Grant (drums)

Sam Apple Pie formed in the East London town of Walthamstow, where they operated the “Bottleneck Blues Club.”


  • Sam Apple Pie (1969)
  • East 17 (1973)


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