The Jam – Setting Sons (1979)

Setting Sons is the fourth album by English pop/rock trio The Jam, released in 1979 on Polydor.

A1. “Girl on the Phone” (2:57)
A2. “Thick as Thieves” (3:40)
A3. “Private Hell” (3:51)
A4. “Little Boy Soldiers” (3:33)
A5. “Wasteland” (2:52)
B1. “Burning Sky” (3:32)
B2. “Smithers-Jones” (3:00)*
B3. “Saturday’s Kids” (2:53)
B4. “The Eton Rifles” (3:59)
B5. “Heat Wave” (2:24)

1979 shortplayers:
A. “Strange Town” (3:47) / B. “The Butterfly Collector” (3:06)
A. “When You’re Young” (3:14) / B. “Smithers-Jones” (2:57)**
*string trio / **rock trio

Paul Weller — performer, writer
Bruce Foxton — performer, writer
Rick Buckler — performer

Jam Philharmonic Orchestra — cello, timpani, recorder
Vic Coppersmith-Heaven — engineer, producer, remixer
Pete Solley — string arrangements
Merton Mick — piano
Rudi — saxophone

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