Heavy Metal Kids

The Heavy Metal Kids were an English hard-rock/pop band from London that released a self-titled album on Atlantic in 1974. The following year, the band shortened its name to The Kids for a second Atlantic album, Anvil Chorus. In late 1976, the nameplate was reconstituted for a third album, Kitsch, on RAK. The band’s rhythm section backed French singer/songwriter Nino Ferrer on assorted ’70s-era recordings. Late-period Kids-keyboardist John Sinclair subsequently surfaced in hard-rockers Lion and the ’80s-era lineup of Uriah Heep. Vocalist Gary Holton pursued acting, appearing on TV and stage until his death from an overdose in 1985.

Members: Gary Holton (lead vocals, 1973-77), Danny Peyronel (keyboards, vocals, 1973-75, 2003-present), Mickey Waller (guitar, 1973-76), Ron Thomas (bass, vocals), Keith Boyce (drums), Barry Paul (guitar, vocals, 1976-77), John Sinclair (keyboards, vocals, 1976-77)


  • Heavy Metal Kids (1974)
  • Anvil Chorus (1975 • The Kids)
  • Kitsch (1977)

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