Bands and Singers from Australia 1965–1985

#: 1927
A: AC/DC, Aragorn, Air Supply, Alan Japaljari, Alan Tarney, Albatross, Aleph, The Aliens, Allniters, The Allusions, Alpha Omega, Andy Armstrong, The Angels, Arena, Ariel, The Atlantics, Atlas, Australian Crawl, Autumn, Avalanche, Avion, Axiom, Ayers Rock, Aztecs
BBakery, Band of Light, Benjamin Hugg, Big Pig, Billy Thorpe, The Birthday Party, Birtles & Goble, Blackfeather, Bluestone, Brian Cadd, Bruce Clarke Quintet, Buffalo, Burton & Cunico
C: Cam-Pact, Carson, Chain, Chalice, Chas Rose, Chetarca, Choirboys, Chris Neal, The Church, Citizen Band, Col Nolan Quartet, Cold Chisel, Coloured Balls, Company Caine, Crossfire, Crowded House, Cybotron
D: Daddy Cool, Daevid Allen, Daly-Wilson Big Band, Daryl Braithwaite, David Ninnes, Dear Enemy, Deckchairs Overboard, Delaney Venn, Dell Dudenhoeffer, Dennis Garcia, The Dingoes, Divinyls, Don Burrows, Don Harper, Do-Re-Mi, Drummond, Duffo, The Dugites, Dynamic Hepnotics
EThe Easybeats, Electric Pandas, Electro Motive Force, Essendon Airport, Eurogliders, The Expression, Extradition
F: Fanny Adams, The Ferrets, Finch, First Light, Flake, The Flaming Hands, Flash and the Pan, The Flying Circus, Foetus, Fox, Frank Gambale, Freeway, Friends
G: Galadriel, Galapagos Duck, Geeza, Goanna, The Go-Betweens, Greg Sneddon, The Groop, The Groove, Gulliver Smith
H: Haillan Rovert, Healing Force, Hiroshi and Claudia, The Hitmen, Hoodoo Gurus, Hunters & Collectors
IIcehouse, I’m Talking, The Indelible Murtceps, Industrie, INXS, It Flew Away
JJames Taylor Move, Jazz Co/Op, Jeff St. John’s Copperwine, Jim Jarvis, Jim Keays, Jimmy & the Boys, Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons, John Farnham, John Hanlon, John Paul Young, Johnny Rocco Band, Joyce Hurley, Judy Bailey, Justine
K: Kahvas Jute, Kanguru, Kevin Borich Express, Kids in the Kitchen, King Fox, Kush
L: La Femme, Laughing Clowns, Leon Berger, Leong Lau, Lisa Bade, Little River Band, Lizard, Lobby Loyde, Louis Tillett
M: Machinations, MacKenzie Theory, Madden & Harris, Madder Lake, Mandu, Mantis, Mario Millo, The Masters Apprentices, McPhee, Melissa, Men at Work, Mental as Anything, Metronomes, Midnight Oil, Mighty Kong, Mike McClellan, The Missing Links, Mississippi, The Mixtures, Models, The Moirs, Mondo Rock, The Moodists, Moving Pictures
N: The Necks, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Nolan-Buddle Quartet, The Numbers
O: Olivia Newton-John, Ol’ 55, The Other Ones, Outline
PPantha, Paul Gaffey, Paul Kelly & the Messengers, Peak, Pel Mel, Peter Allen, Peter Doyle, Peter Harris, Philip Mortlock, Pirana, The Playboys, Player [1], Procession, Pseudo Echo, Pyramid, Python Lee Jackson
Q: Q.E.D., Quasar
R: Rabbit, The Radiators, Radio Birdman, Rainbow Generator, Rainbow Theatre, Ray Warleigh, Real Life, Redhouse, The Reels, Renée Geyer, Richard Clapton, Rick Springfield, The Ritz, Rob Thomsett, Rose Tattoo, The Rumour, Russell Morris
S: The Saints, Samantha Sang, Savanna Silver Band, Scandal, Scapa Flow, The Scientists, S.C.R.A., Sebastian Hardie, The Seekers, Sherbet, The Sherbs, Sid Rumpo, Simon Jones, Skyband, Skyhooks, Skylight, Smith’s Comfort, Snakes Alive, Southern Cross, Spectrum, SPK, The Sports, Stars, Steam Shuttle, Stepps, Steve & Stevie, Steve Kipner, Steve Maxwell Von Braund, Stevie Wright, Stiletto, The Strangers, Stylus, Sun, Sunnyboys, Supernaut, Surprise Sisters
T: Tamam Shud, Taste, The Tarney-Spencer Band, Ted Mulry Gang, Terry Britten, The Thought Criminals, Tidewater, Tin Tin, The Triffids, Tully, The Twilights, Tymepiece
V: The Victims

W: Whirlywirld, Windchase, Wooden Horse
X: X, XL Capris