Wah! was the revolving band-moniker of Liverpudlian guitarist/vocalist Pete Wylie. The name first appeared as Wah! Heat on a pair of singles issued by small-press Inevitable Music in 1980. In 1981, the band dropped “Heat” from its name and issued a standalone single and the album Nah=Poo – The Art of Bluff on WEA-subsidiary Eternal, […]

Modern Eon

Modern Eon were an English New Wave/goth band from Liverpool that released an EP on self-press Eon Records in 1979, followed by the album Fiction Tales with accompanying b-sides on DinDisc in 1981. Members: Alix Plain [aka Alex Johnson] (guitar, vocals, percussion, keyboards, horn), Danny Hampson (bass, vocals), Tim Lever (guitar, saxophone, 1980-81), Joey McKechnie […]

The Pale Fountains

The Pale Fountains were an English quartet that was active during the early-to-mid 1980s. Between 1982 and 1985, the band released several singles and two albums on Virgin. Members: Michael Head (guitar, vocals), John Head (guitar), Chris McCaffery (bass), Thomas Whelan (drums), Andy Diagram (trumpet)   Discography: Pacific Street (1984) …From Across the Kitchen Table […]

The Lotus Eaters

The Lotus Eaters were an English sophiti-pop combo of the mid-1980s. Spawned from the ever-thriving Merseyside, the band released several singles and one album on Arista/Sylvan. Members: Peter Coyle (vocals), Jeremy ‘Jerry’ Kelly (guitar), Michael Dempsey (bass), Gerard Quinn (keyboards), Steve Creese (drums) In 1982, The Lotus Eaters formed around the trio of Peter Coyle, […]

It’s Immaterial

It’s Immaterial were an English sophisti-pop band from Liverpool that released a string of shortplayers on assorted small-press labels between 1980 and 1985, followed by two albums on Siren between 1986 and 1990. Members: John J. Campbell (vocals), Martin Dempsey (guitar, 1980-84), Henry Priestman (keyboards, 1980-84), Paul Barlow (drums, 1980-84), Jarvis Whitehead (guitar, keyboards, 1982-90) […]

Hambi & the Dance

Hambi & the Dance were an English New Wave band from Liverpool that released the album Heartache with accompanying singles on Virgin in 1982. Alongside A Flock of Seagulls, the band were the second significant spinoff to emerge from the 1979 Mersey-side shortplayer act Tontrix. Namesake vocalist/guitarist Hambi Harolambous released further singles and the album […]

Nasty Pop

Nasty Pop were an English quintet of the mid-to-late 1970s. The band released an album on Island and a follow-up on Polydor. Musically, the band crossed the folksy whimsy of Stackridge and Stealers Wheel with the updated Revolver-isms of Pilot and the string-laden effervescence of Jigsaw. Members: Jon Fitzpatrick (piano, vocals), Steve Grace (guitar, vocals), […]


Nutz were an English hard rock quintet from Liverpool that was active during the mid-1970s. The band recorded three albums for A&M between 1974 and 1976. Members: Dave Lloyd (vocals), Mick Devonport (guitar), Keith Mulholland (bass), Kenny Newton (keyboards), John Mylett (drums) Discography: Nutz (1974) Nutz Too… (1975) Hard Nutz (1976) Live Cutz (1977 – […]