Miguel Ríos – Al-Andalus (1977)

Al-Andalus is an album by Spanish singer/songwriter Miguel Ríos, released in 1977 on Polydor.

A1. “Al Andalus” (4:59)
A2. “Azahara” (8:40 — 3:08–5:57)
A3. “Un día en Mojácar” (5:54)
B1. “Balada de la alondra y el gavilán” (6:37)
B2. “El cinco a las cinco” (3:13)
B3. “Guadalquivir” (4:44)
B4. “La blanca oscuridad” (4:07)

Miguel Ríos — vocal
Luis Fornés — keyboard
César Fornés — guitar
Tito Herrero — drums
Toni Aguilar — bass
Kamel Missaghian — percussion
Jorge Pardo — flute
Andrés Olaegui — guitar
Alvaro Yébenes — bass
Luis Cobo — guitar
T.E.I. Musical — chorus

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