Jon Anderson ‎– Animation (1982)

Animation is the third solo album by English musician/vocalist Jon Anderson, released in 1982 on Polydor and Atlantic.

A1. “Olympia” (4:58)
A2. “Animation” (9:07)
A3. “Surrender” (3:53)
A4. “All in a Matter of Time” (3:06)
B1. “Unlearning (The Dividing Line)” (4:56)
B2. “Boundaries” (3:20)
B3. “Pressure Point” (4:36)
B4. “Much Better Reason” (4:27)
B5. “All Gods Children” (4:25)

Jon Anderson — vocals, acoustic guitar
Clem Clempson — guitars
Stefano Cerri — electric bass
Chris Rainbow — vocals
David Sancious — keyboards
Simon Phillips — drums and percussion

Dave Lawson — keyboards
Ronnie Leahy — keyboards
Blue Weaver — keyboards
Delmay String Quartet — strings
Billy Kristian — guitar
John Giblin — bass
Jack Bruce — bass
Ian Wallace — drums
Brother James — percussion
Morris Pert — percussion
Brazil Idiots — Brazilian percussion

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