Forty-Seven Times Its Own Weight

Forty-Seven Times Its Own Weight were an American jazz-rock band from Austin that released the album Cumulo Nimbus on local-press Fable Records in 1975. Members: Mel Winters (trumpet), Paul Ostermayer (saxophone), Robert “Dude” Skiles (keyboards), Spencer Starnes (bass), John Treanor (drums) Forty-Seven Times Its Own Weight released their singular album, Cumulo Nimbus, on Fable Records […]


Auracle was an American jazz-rock band that released two albums on Chrysalis in 1978 and 1979. The members released an earlier album as Inner Vision. Along with The Muffins and Pierre Moerlen’s Gong, Auracle were one of the few instrumental acts of this period to make extensive use of mallets. Members: Richard C. Braun (trumpet, […]

Les DeMerle

Les DeMerle (Nov. 4, 1946) is an American jazz drummer from Brooklyn who released the album Spectrum on United Artists in 1968. After doing time behind bandleader Harry James, DeMerle released the jazz-rock album Transfusion on Dobre Records in 1978. The title inspired the name of his backing act for the ensuing Transcendental Watusi, issued […]


Stardrive were an American electro-jazz/funk band that released the album Intergalactic Trot on Elektra in 1973, followed by a self-titled album on Columbia in 1974. Members: Harvey Sarch (Guitar), Howard Rego (Drums), Jaime Austria (Bass), Robert Mason (Synthesizer) Discography: Intergalactic Trot (1973) Stardrive (1974)

Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus were an American jazz-rock band that released two albums on Evidence Music in 1975 and 1976, followed by another pair of titles on Inner City Records at the turn of the 1980s. Members: Denny Berthiaume (keyboards), Randy Masters (trumpet, percussion) Discography: Solar Plexus (1975) Voices (1976) Solar Plexus (1979) Earth Songs (1980)

Spyro Gyra

Spyro Gyra are an American jazz-funk band from Buffalo, formed in 1977. Members: Jay Beckenstein (saxophone, lyricon), Jeremy Wall (piano, keyboards, percussion, 1977-81), Jim Kurzdorfer (bass, 1977-79), Tom Walsh (drums, percussion, 1977-78), Umbopha Emile Latimer (percussion, 1978-79), Dave Samuels (vibraphone, 1978-93), Tom Schuman (piano, synthesizer, 1980-present), Gerardo Velez (percussion, 1984-88), Kim Stone (bass, 1984-87), Chet […]

Natural Life

Natural Life were an American jazz-rock band from Minnesota that released three albums between 1976 and 1977. Members: Mike Elliott (guitar), Bob Rockwell (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute), Bobby Peterson (piano), Billy Peterson (bass), Steve Kimmel (congas, tabla, percussion, timbales), Bill Berg (drums), Eric Gravatt (drums) Discography: All Music (1976) Unnamed Land (1976) Natural Life […]


Spaces were an American jazz-rock band from Provo, Utah, that released the album Border Station in 1981. Members: Roger Nichols (piano, synthesizer, clarinet), Anthony Perry (drums, percussion), Wendell C. Jones, (bass), Randy Hall (guitar), David Carrilo (percussion), Rand Keith (saxophone) Discography: Border Station (1981)


Yellowjackets are an American jazz-rock band from Los Angeles. Members: Bob Mintzer (saxophone, EWI), Jimmy Haslip (bass), Russell Ferrante (piano, keyboards), Marcus Baylor (drums, percussion), Marc Russo (horns), William Kennedy (drums, percussion), Ricky Lawson (drums, percussion) Discography: Yellowjackets (1981) Mirage à Troîs (1983) Samurai Samba (1985) Shades (1986) Four Corners (1987) Politics (1988) The Spin […]


Shadowfax were an American jazz-rock band from Chicago that debuted with the album Watercourse Way in 1976. Members: Chuck Greenberg (Lyricon, saxophone, flute, oboe, recorder, 1972-95), Phil Maggini (bass, 1972-95), Stuart Nevitt (drums, tabla, percussion, 1972-95), Greg Stinson (guitar, sitar, vocals, 1972-90), Doug Maluchnik (keyboards), Jamii Szmadzinski (violin), Jared Stewart (keyboards), Emil Richards (percussion), David […]


Santana are an American Latin-jazz/rock band from San Francisco, formed in 1966 by guitarist Carlos Santana. Members: Carlos Santana (guitar, vocals), Gregg Rolie (keyboards, vocals, 1966-72), Rod Harper (drums, 1966-67), Gus Rodriguez (bass, 1966-67), Michael Carabello (congas, 1966-67, 1969-71), Tom Frazier (guitar, 1966-67), Bob “Doc” Livingston (drums, 1967-69), David Brown (bass, 1967-71, 1974-76), Marcus Malone […]

Jerry Goodman

Jerry Goodman (born March 16, 1949) is an American violinist from Chicago who played in jazz-psych pioneers The Flock during the late 1960s. Between 1971 and 1973, he played in the first lineup of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, appearing on the albums The Inner Mounting Flame and Birds of Fire. Discography: Like Children (1974 • Jerry […]


Mosaic were an American jazz-rock band from Peoria, Ill., that released a self-titled album in 1978. Members: Catherine J. Hall (flute, soprano recorder, vocals), Johnse Holt (12-string electric guitar), Dennis Kita (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone), Rocky David Maffit (percussion, autoharp, vocals), Jeff Miller (drum), Neal Robinson (piano, synthesizer, electric piano, Hammond organ, Farfisa), […]