Steve Hillage

Steve Hillage is an English guitarist, composer, and producer from London who first recorded under the pseudonym Simon Sasparella in psych-rockers Arzachel, the starting vehicle of keyboardist Dave Stewart (Egg, Hatfield & the North). The two re-teamed in Khan (with bassist Nicholas Greenwood) for the 1972 Deram release Space Shanty. In 1973, Hillage backed Kevin Ayers on Bananamour and joined Gong for the albums Flying Teapot, Angel’s Egg, and You.

Hillage made his solo debut with the 1975 Virgin release Fish Rising. Todd Rundgren produced his 1976 second album L, which features backing by Utopia. For his 1977 release Motivation Radio, Hillage teamed with electronic technician Malcolm Cecil, once of Tonto’s Expanding Head Band. Six further albums appeared on Virgin between 1978 and 1982, all marked by Steve’s trademark glissando style.

In April 1980, Hillage partook in an all-star concert fill-in for imprisoned Stranglers frontman Hugh Cornwall. The two-night event — which also featured appearances by Robert Smith, Robert Fripp, Richard Jobson, Toyah Wilcox, Peter Hammill, John Ellis, and Hazel O’Connor — is documented on the archival Castle Music release The Stranglers and Friends: Live in Concert. During the 1980s, Hillage produced albums for Nash the Slash, Simple Minds, Real Life, Cock Robin, Marc Seberg, and Murray Head.

He was born Stephen Simpson Hillage on August 2, 1951, in Chingford, a town in East London that then belonged to Essex County.

Fish Rising

Steve Hillage released his debut solo album, Fish Rising, on April 11, 1975, on Virgin.


Steve Hillage released his second album, L, on September 24, 1976, on Virgin.

Motivation Radio

Steve Hillage released his third album, Motivation Radio, in September 1977 on Virgin.


Steve Hillage released his fourth album, Green, on April 14, 1978, on Virgin.

Live Herald

On January 26, 1979, Steve Hillage released Live Herald, a double-album comprised of three live sides and a fourth side of new studio material.

Rainbow Dome Musick

Steve Hillage released his fifth studio album, Rainbow Dome Musick, on April 13, 1979, on Virgin.


Steve Hillage released his sixth studio album, Open, on October 12, 1979, on Virgin.

For to Next and And Not Or

Steve Hillage released the back-to-back albums For to Next and And Not Or in late 1982 on Virgin.

And Not Or 


  • Fish Rising (1975)
  • L (1976)
  • Motivation Radio (1977)
  • Green (1978)
  • Open (1979)
  • Rainbow Dome Musick (1979)
  • Live Herald (2LP, 1979)
  • And Not Or (1982)
  • For to Next (1982)


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