Made in Sweden

Made in Sweden were a Swedish jazz-rock/jam band that released four albums and a live recording on Sonet between 1968 and 1970. In 1976, guitarist/keyboardist Georg Wadenius reactivated the nameplate with Finnish bassist Pekka Pohjola and Polish keyboardist Wlodek Gulgowski for the Love Records release Where Do We Begin.

Members: Georg Wadenius (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Bosse Häggström (bass, 1968-71), Slim Borgudd (drums, 1968-71), Pekka Pohjola (bass, 1975-77), Tommy Körberg (vocals, 1975-77), Vesa Aaltonen (drums, 1975-77), Wlodek Gulgowski (keyboards, 1975-77)


  • Made in Sweden (With Love) (1968)
  • Snakes in a Hole (1969)
  • I Regnbågslandet (1970)
  • Made in England (1970)
  • Live! At the Golden Circle (1970)
  • Where Do We Begin (1976)

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