Yes ‎– Time and a Word (1970)

Time and a Word is the second album by English symphonic/psych-rock band Yes, released in 1970 on Atlantic.

“Astral Traveller” – fade-in funky, high triad Gm alternating 7th… Kaye and Square pile on @:20, counter melody on organ presage Andersons vocal line amid upward-running basslines… tomroll heralds Anderson @:45, Leslied vocals (?), windy rapid verses, two key centers (Gm7/Am7) with persistent bassline, soupy organ, piercing riff… plunge to Em for chorus, thicker trebly bassnotes, harmonized chorusline, stop/start precision, pummeling toms… second verse, more aggressive drum assault, second chorus… 2:08, middle eight w/ arpeggiated interplay between Kaye (dominating), Banks (legato cocktail runs) and Squire (thick and fluid, start of classic Yes sound), spiraling upward to Dmajor… 2:55, plunge to Gm for somber, more rhythmic solo section with organ riff and muted giuitar solo.. Banks cuts through with bluesy, wailing leads @3:20, changes to lightning filigree (tapping?)… intensity brims as Squire gets riffy (rhythm-guitarlike)… 4:30, song proper resumes… third verse fades into return of unaccompanied triad riff from the beginning, stamped out by a dull bass-note and primitive pound, ends with collective explosion… Overall it’s a cathartic, exhuberant, musically intense and at times theatrical number that displays the budding chops of Squire and Bruford and, more interestingly, the unique flavors that only Kaye and Banks could bring to the band, elements that would reappear on the first Flash album..


A1. “No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed” (4:52)
A2. “Then” (5:49)
A3. “Everydays” (6:12)
A4. “Sweet Dreams” (3:51)
B1. “The Prophet” (6:38)
B2. “Clear Days” (2:09)
B3. “Astral Traveller” (5:56)
B4. “Time and a Word” (4:39)

Jon Anderson — vocals, percussion
Peter Banks — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Chris Squire — bass, vocals
Tony Kaye — piano, organ
Bill Bruford — drums, percussion

Tony Colton — producer
Eddie Offord — engineer
Tony Cox — orchestral arrangements

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