New Zealand

#: 1860 Band
A: Airlord, The Avengers
B: The Bats, Blerta, The Bluestars, The Breakaways, Butler
C: Chants R&B, Chris Thompson, Citizen Band, The Chills, The Clean, Cleves, The Crocodiles
D: Dance Exponents, Dr. Tree, Dragon
F: Farmyard, The Fourmyula
H: Headband, Hello Sailor, Herbs, Highway, The Human Instinct
I: Inbetweens
L: The La De Da’s, Leo de Castro, Living Force, Lutha
M: Marching Girls, Max Merritt & The Meteors, Mike Harvey, Mi-Sex, Mike Nock, Mother Goose
N: Nocturnal Projections
P: Pacific Eardrum, Phil Judd, The Pleazers
Q: Quincy Conserve
RRagnarok, Rockinghorse, The Rumour
S: Salty Dogg, The Scavengers, Schnell Fenster, Schtüng, Serenity, Shane, Sharon O’Neill, The Simple Image, Shona Laing, The Smoke, Space Farm, Space Waltz, Split Enz, Swingers
T: Tamburlaine, Th’ Dudes, Think, Ticket, Tim Finn, Tom Thumb, Toy Love
W: Waves
Z: Zaine Griff