Split Enz ‎– Frenzy (1979)

Frenzy is the fourth album by kiwi art-rock band Split Enz, released down under in 1979 on Mushroom Records. In 1981, a remixed/re-sequenced version of the album was issued in the Northern Hemisphere on A&M.

Tracklist (A&M version):
A1. “I See Red” (3:15)
A2. “Give It a Whirl” (2:49)
A3. “Master Plan” (3:07)
A4. “Betty” (4:39)
A5. “Frenzy” (2:55)
A6. “Stuff and Nonsense” (4:22)
A7. “Marooned” (2:50)
B1. “Hermit McDermitt” (4:07)
B2. “Holy Smoke” (3:15)
B3. “Semi-Detached” (5:05)
B4. “Carried Away” (4:34)
B5. “She Got Body She Got Soul” (2:53)
B6. “Mind Over Matter” (2:57)
B7. “Livin’ It Up” (1:15)

Tracklist (Mushroom version):
A1. “Give It a Whirl” (2:49)
A2. “Master Plan” (3:07)
A3. “Famous People” (2:51)
A4. “Hermit McDermitt” (4:07)
A5. “Stuff and Nonsense” (4:22)
A6. “Marooned” (2:50)
B1. “Frenzy” (2:55)
B2. “The Roughest Toughest Game in the World” (3:34)
B3. “She Got Body She Got Soul” (2:53)
B4. “Betty” (4:39)
B5. “Abu Dhabi” (4:27)
B6. “Mind Over Matter” (2:57)

Tim Finn — vocals
Neil Finn — guitar, vocals
Eddie Rayner — keyboards
Noel Crombie — percussion
Malcolm Green — drums
Nigel Griggs — bass

Dave Tickle — producer, engineer

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