Passion Puppets

Passion Puppets were an English New Wave band from Camden that released the album Beyond the Pale on Stiff in 1984.

Members: Ray Burmiston (lead vocals), Miki Screene (bass, vocals), Andy P (guitar, vocals), David Rollins (guitar, vocals), Simon Langford Godfrey (drums, percussion)

Passion Puppets formed in 1983 and promptly issued two Stiff singles: the flange-bass churn of “Voices” (b/w “Powder Monkeys”) and the echoey/vibrato-laden “Like Dust” (b/w “House of Love”). In 1984, the band released its only album, Beyond the Pale, on Stiff (UK) and MCA (US). It features 11 originals, including the chorused-guitar sway of “Crush That Suspicion Thing,” the sax-illuminated “Terminal Culture,” and the two pre-released a-sides. The chipper, marimba-spiced title-track was issued as a single, backed with the nervy EBow waver “Overland.” The songs were written by vocalist Ray Burmiston in collaboration with other members. Production duties were split between Peter Walsh (Heaven 17, China Crisis, Simple Minds, Kissing the Pink, Silent Running) and Roger Becherian (Lene Lovich, Squeeze, The Photos, Huang Chung, The Belle Stars).

The band split soon thereafter with Burmiston moving into rock photography. His song “You Are Young” was recorded by Dutch girl group Frizzle Sizzle in 1987.


  • Beyond the Pale (1984)


  • “Voices” / “Powder Monkeys” (1983)
  • “Like Dust” / “House of Love” (1983)
  • “Beyond the Pale” / “Overland” (1984)

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