Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean was a Swedish psych band that issued a standalone single on CBS in 1969, followed by the concept album Tranquillity Bay on Love Records in 1970. This was an early band for reedist Björn J:son Lindh (Ablution, Baltik) and musician/composer Greg FitzPatrick, who later collaborated with Samla Mammas Manna. Both played immediately afterward in […]


Energy was a Swedish jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on Harvest in 1974. Members: Alvaro Is (piano, electric piano, organ), Amedeo Nicoletti (guitar), Björn Inge (drums), Bosse Norlén (bass), Luis Agudo (percussion) Energy fused when ex-November drummer Björn Inge teamed with three aspiring musicians: guitarist Amedeo Nicoletti, bassist Bosse Norlén, and Spanish-born keyboardist […]


Dice was a Swedish symphonic-rock band that released a self-titled album on Marilla in 1978. In 1992, the band’s lost 1977 album Four Riders of the Apocalypse was issued by Belle Antique. Members: Leif Larsson (keyboards), Fredrik Vildö (bass), Robert Holmin (vocals, saxophone), Örian Strandberg (guitar), Per Andersson (drums) Dice germinated from a friendship between […]


Atlas was a Swedish symphonic-rock band that issued the album Blå Vardag on Bellatrix in 1979. Four-fifths of the band released a second album as Mosaik. Members: Björn Ekborn (organ, piano, clavinet, synthesizer, Mellotron), Erik Björn Nielsen (organ, piano, synthesizer, Mellotron, electric piano), Janne Persson (guitar, percussion), Micke Pinotti (drums), Ulf Hedlund (bass, bass pedals) […]

Anna Själv Tredje

Anna Själv Tredje were a Swedish electronic duo that released the popular album Tussilago Fanfara on the Silence label in 1977. Keyboardist Ingemar Ljungström subsequently headed the space-rock/coldwave combos Cosmic Overdose and Twice a Man. Members: Ingemar Ljungström [aka Karl Gasleben] (keyboards), Mikael Bojén (keyboards, guitar) Anna Själv Tredje centered on the musical partnership of […]


Ablution was a Swedish jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album in 1974 on CBS. Four of its members played in the earlier one-off Baltik. The band also included two-thirds of English hard-rockers Quatermass. Members: Barry de Souza (drums, trumpet), Björn J:son Lindh (flute, piano), Janne Schaffer (guitar), John Gustafson (bass), Malando Gassama (percussion), Ola […]


Nebulosa was a Swedish symphonic/hard-rock/folk band that issued a self-titled album on Park Studio in 1977. Members: Bengt Skarin (drums), Lennart Usterud (bass), Roger Pontare [aka Roger Johansson] (vocals), Thomas Fransén (guitar), Thomas Kacsó (keyboards) Nebulosa pooled the talents of Hungarian keyboardist Thomas Kacso and four Swedish musicians, including bassist Lennart Usterud, who played on […]


Blåkulla was a Swedish symphonic hard-rock band that issued a 1975 self-titled album on Anette. Members: Bosse Ferm (organ, piano), Dennis Lindegren (vocals), Tomas Olsson (drums), Hannes Råstam (bass), Mats Öhberg (guitar), Steinar Arnasson (bass) In 1974, Blåkulla recorded three songs: “Mars,” “Idolen,” and “Linnea.” Though unreleased at the time, these tracks would be added […]

Combo 8

Combo 8 were a Swedish instrumental sextet of the mid-1970s. Comprised of highly trained newcomers, the band issued Vibrationer on the local Levande Improviserad Musik label in 1976. Members: Björn Hallberg (guitar), Janne Wiklund (saxophone), Lennart Johansson (trumpet), Torbjörn Johansson (drums), Tore Hultgren (trumpet), Ulf Mårtensson (bass) Musically, the album spans the outer-reaches of metric […]


ABBA was a Swedish pop/vocal act that released eight albums on Polar between 1973 and 1981. Members: Agnetha Fältskog (vocals), Frida (vocals), Benny Andersson (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals), Björn Ulvaeus (guitar, vocals) Keyboardist Benny Andersson hailed from the 1960s Stockholm five-piece The Hep Stars, which rivaled Tages as Sweden’s most popular beat band. In 1969, they […]


Figaro were a Swedish pop-rock band that released a self-titled album on CBS in 1976. Members: Peter Lundblad (vocals, guitar), Anders Nordh (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Torbjörn Eklund (flute, keyboards), Paul Sundlin (vocals, bass), Tommy Andersson (drums) Discography: Figaro (1976)


Egba were a Swedish jazz-rock band that released three albums and a live recording on Sonet between 1974 and 1978, followed by four further albums on MNW between 1979 and 1985. Members: Ulf Adåker (trumpet), Ulf Andersson (saxophone), Jan Tolf (guitar, 1971-74), Claes Wang (drums, percussion, 1971-74), Harald Svensson (piano, 1971-74), Stefan Brolund (bass, 1971-74), […]

Dimmornas Bro

Dimmornas Bro were a Swedish art-rock band that released two albums on Silence between 1977 and 1979, followed by a third album on RCA in 1981. Members: Kjell Thunberg (bass), Mats Jonstam (guitar, vocals), Peter Adriansson (drums), Peter Blomqvist (guitar), Staffan Hellstrand (keyboards, vocals) Discography: Dimmornas Bro (1977) Mål (1979) “Göm Dej!” / “Tokyo” (1980) […]

Cosmic Overdose

Cosmic Overdose were a Swedish space-rock/coldwave band that released a pair of singles and two albums on Silence during 1980 and 1981. Members: Dan Söderqvist (guitar, vocals), Karl Gasleben [Ingemar Ljungström] (synthesizer, vocals), Regnmakaren [Kjell Karlgren] (drums, 1979-80), Jimmy Cyklon [Thomas Andersson] (guitar, synthesizer, vocals, 1980-81) Discography: “Observation Galen” / “Isolatorer” (1980) “Tonight” / “Dead” […]

Commando M Pigg

Commando M Pigg were a Swedish New Wave band that released four albums and assorted singles on MNW between 1981 and 1986. Members: Eva Sonesson (vocals), Anders Karlsmark (bass), Svante Fregert (drums, 1980-85), Björn Wallgren (guitar, 1980-82), Peter Puders (guitar, 1982-90), Robert Halldin (drums, 1985-86), Anders Hernestam (drums, 1986-90) Discography: Commando M. Pigg (1981) Mot […]


Blond were a Swedish psych-rock band that issued a self-titled album on Fontana in 1969. The band evolved out of Göteborg beat sensation Tages, which released numerous singles and two albums between 1965 and 1968. Members: Göran Lagerberg (bass, vocals), Anders Töpel (guitar, vocals), Danne Larsson (guitar, vocals), Lasse Svensson (drums), Anders Nordh (guitar), Björn […]

Berits Halsband

Berits Halsband were a Swedish jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on Forsaljud in 1975. Members: Bengt Ekevärn (trumpet), Göran Frost (bass), Jonas Lindgren (electric piano, violin), Anton Karis (flute), Michael Lindqvist (drums), Olof Söderberg (guitar), Tommy Adolfsson (trumpet), Per Lejring (piano), Thomas Brandt (saxophone), Tommy Cassemar (bass), Mats Lansrot (drums) Discography: Berits Halsband […]


Axewitch were a Swedish hard-rock/metal band that debuted with a self-released EP in 1982, followed by three albums on Finger Print and Neat between 1983 and 1985. Members: Anders Wallentoft (vocals), Magnus Jarls (guitar), Mikael Johansson (guitar), Tommy Bradge (bass), Mats Johansson (drums), Klas Wollberg (guitar), Magnus Hedin (bass), Abbey (drums) Discography: Pray for Metal […]

Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze were a Swedish symphonic-rock band that issued the album Höstbris on Örecords in 1979. Members: Birgitta Nilsson (vocals, percussion), Gert Nilsson (guitar), Leif Forsberg (vocals), Tomas Andersson (drums, percussion), Krister Hildén (bass), Kenneth Halvarsson (bass, clarinet, saxophone), Gert Magnusson (flute, saxophone, guitar, vocals), Lennart Olsson (drums, percussion), Jan-Anders Warnquist (keyboards), Peter Jansson (bass) […]

Archimedes Badkar

Archimedes Badkar were a Swedish ethno/jazz-rock big band that was active for eight years, starting in 1972. The band self-released a 20-minute 7″ in 1973, followed by four albums on MNW between 1975 and 1978. Members: Per Tjernberg [Per Cussion] (percussion, drums, keyboards), Jörgen Adolfsson (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, violin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandola, […]


Appendix were a Swedish jazz-rock ensemble that issued the album Space Trip on Amigo Musik in 1973. Members: Roy Wall (trumpet, flugelhorn), Kalle Lindberg (trombone), Helge Albin (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute), Hans Blom (piano), Ted Persson (bass), Flemming Jörgensen (drums), Lars Håkan Olson (vocals) Discography: Space Trip (1973)

Älgarnas Trädgård

Älgarnas Trädgård were a Swedish space-rock/psych band from Göteborg, formed in 1969. In 1972, the band released their popular first album on Silence and recorded a followup that was ultimately released by the label nearly three decades later. Members: Andreas Brandt (violin), Mikael Johansson (bass), Dennis Lundh (drums), Dan Söderqvist (guitar), Jan Ternald (keyboards), Sebastian […]


Mamba was a Swedish Latin/jazz-rock band from Malmö, Skåne län, formed in 1976 and active for five years. In 1979, they released a self-titled album on Sonet. Danish bassist Klavs Hovman (credited here as Klaus) cut two albums the following year with Ariel. Members: Sven Bergcrantz (keyboards, piano), Håkan Bergcrantz (tenor saxophone), Tim Hagans (trumpet, […]


Kräldjursanstalten was a Swedish avant-rock band that released the 1980 EP Nu är det allvar!! and the 1981 album Voodoo Boogie on Urspår. Members: Michael Maksymenko (drums, vocals, effects), Stefan Agaton (guitar, vocals), Thomas Agaton (bass, vocals) Kräldjursanstalten formed in Stockholm when drummer Michael Maksymenko teamed with guitarist Stefan Agaton and his twin brother, bassist […]

Mecki Mark Men

Mecki Mark Men were a Swedish psychedelic rock band that released a self-titled 1967 album on Philips, followed by the 1969 Limelight release Running in the Summer Night and the 1971 Sonet title Marathon. Percussionist Thomas Mera Gartz did numerous sessions and became a folk-psych solo artist. Members: Mecki Bodemark (organ, vocals), Björn Fredholm (drums, […]

Lustans Lakejer

Lustans Lakejer were a Swedish New Romantic band that released five albums and numerous singles on Stranded between 1980 and 1985. Members: Johan Kinde (vocals, guitar), Peter Bergstrandh (bass, 1979-82), Urban Sundbaum (drums), Adrian Valerie [Torsten Ysander] (guitar), Jan Kyhle (keyboards, vocals), Tom Wolgers (keyboards), Christer Hellman (drums, vocals), Janis Bokalders (keyboards, guitar), Anders Ericsson […]


Zthürehz were a Swedish art-rock band that released an eponymous 1981 album and a standalone 1984 single, both on self-press Sill Y. Members: Anders V. Anckarman (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals), Lennart Lundwall (drums, keyboards, percussion, vocals) Discography: Zthürehz (1981) “Sasarinah” / “Very Temporary Arrangement” (1984)


Wildmarken were a Swedish hard-rock band that released two albums on EMI between 1976 and 1977. Members: Hasse Forslund (guitar), Janne Åhman (vocals), Lasse Byström (bass), Svenna Vestman (drums), Tomas Jansson (guitar) Discography: Wildmarken (1976) Och nu på Sjuttiotalet (1977)

Zut Un Feu Rouge

Zut Un Feu Rouge were a Swedish art-rock band that debuted with the 1983 EP Kafka vs. Chaplin, followed by the popular 1985 album Who’s Afreud. Both releases, along with a cassette-only demo/live collection, were issued on Bauta, a specialty label run by the band’s multi-instrumentalist mastermind Lach’n Jonsson. Members: Bengt Fredriksson (devices), Gunnar Johansson […]

Text & Musik

Text & Musik were a Swedish art-rock band that released two albums on Nacksving between 1976 and 1977. Members: Thomas Carlsson (guitar, French horn), Sten Källman (saxophone, flute), Lars Magnus Larsson (bass, trumpet), Magnus Nilsson (vocals, acoustic guitar, drums), Hans Nordström (saxophone, oboe), Tomas Olsson (drums), Niklas Román (keyboards), Hannes Råstam (bass) Discography: Jaguaren (1976) […]

Von Zamla

Von Zamla were a Swedish avant-trad spin-off of Zamla Mammaz Manna that released two albums on Urspår and Krax, circa 1982/83. An archival disc of the band’s 1983 live set was later released on Cuneiform. Members: Lars Hollmer (keyboards), Eino Haapala (guitar), Denis Brely (bassoon, oboe, baritone saxophone, flute, 1981), Jan Garret (bass, guitar, 1981), […]


Vildkaktus were a Swedish jazz-rock/psych band that released three albums between 1970 and 1973 on MNW, Polydor, and Ljudspår. Half the band continued with new players under the name Ibis for one further album. Members: Gösta Nilsson (piano, organ, vocals), Olle Nilsson (guitar, vocals), Tommy Johnsson (bass, vocals), Ali Lundbohm (drums), Leif Rundqvist (saxophone, flute, […]

Ur Kaos

Ur Kaos were a Swedish symphonic/goth band that released three albums between 1987 and 1999 on Bauta, the label headed by project-mastermind/multi-instrumentalist Lach’n Jonsson. Members: Johan Hedrén (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals), Mats Paulsson (vocals, bass, guitar, bass pedals, clavinet), Lach’n Jonsson (vocals, drums, strings) Discography: Ur Kaos (1987) A Terrible Beauty Is Born (1990) Av […]


Tribute were a Swedish symphonic-rock band that debuted with a 12-minute track on the vinyl document of the 1983 Papenburg Festival, released on Unmoral Schallplatten. Between 1984 and 1990, the band released three albums and a live disc on self-press Heavenly Heights. Members: Per Gideon Andersson (bass, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, drums, percussion, choir), Christer Josef […]

Twice a Man

Twice a Man were a Swedish coldwave/synthpop trio that debuted with the album Music for Girls on Silence in 1982. Between 1983 and 1988, the band released seven albums on Xenophone. Members: Dan Söderqvist (guitar, vocals), Karl Gasleben [Ingemar Ljungström] (synthesizer, vocals), Lars Falk (guitar, 1981-82), Jocke Söderqvist (synthesizer, 1983-86) Discography: Music for Girls (1982) […]


Triangulus were a Swedish symphonic-rock band that released two albums on Silence between 1986 and 1988. Members: Hans Bruniusson (drums, drum machine, sequencer), Peter Bryngelsson (guitar, E-bow, bass, vibraphone, vocals), Dan Johnsson (guitar, piano, synthesizer), Raimo Juntunen (musical saw, violin, vocals, 1986), Ove Karlsson (cello), Henrik Cederberg (bass, 1986), Björn J:son Lindh (flute, 1986), Ingela […]

Trettioåriga Kriget

Trettioåriga Kriget was a Swedish symphonic/hard-rock band that released two albums on CBS/Epic during 1974 and 1975, followed by two albums on Mistlur and a fifth on Mellotronen between 1978 and 1981. Members: Stefan Fredin (bass, vocals), Dag Lundquist (drums, Mellotron), Olle Thörnvall (harmonica), Pocke Öhrström (guitar, vocals, 1970-71), Dag Kronlund (piano, 1970-71), Johan Gullberg […]


Torch were a Swedish metal band that released an EP and two albums on Tandan/Sword between 1982 and 1984. Members: Dan Dark (vocals), Tomi Peltonen (guitar), Alex Jonsson (bass), Kristian Huotari (drums), Chris J. First (guitar), Claus Wildt (guitar), Ian Greg (bass), Steve Streaker (drums) Discography: Torch (EP, 1982) “Bad Girls” / “The Serpent” / […]


Tages were a Swedish beat group that released three albums and numerous singles on Platina circa 1965/66, followed by two 1967 albums and assorted shortplayers on Parlophone up through 1968. Members: Tommy Blom (vocals, harmonica), Göran Lagerberg (vocals, bass), Danne Larsson (guitar, organ, piano, vocals), Anders Töpel (guitar, vocals), Freddie Skantze (drums, 1963-66), Tommy Tausis […]


Ratata were a Swedish New Wave band that released five albums on Stranded between 1982 and 1985. Members: Mauro Scocco, Anders Skog (1980-83), Heinz Liljedahl (1980-82), Johan Kling (1980-82), Johan Ekelund (1983-89, 2002) Discography: Ratata (1982) Jackie (1982) Äventyr (1983) Paradis (1984) Sent i september (1985) Mellan dröm och verklighet (1987) Människor under molnen (1989)

Svenska Löd AB!

Svenska Löd AB! were a Swedish jazz-rock band that self-released the album Hörselmat in 1971. Guitarist Janne Schaffer became a polific session musician and launched a successful solo career. Members: Lennart Axelsson (trumpet), Mats Eriksson (trombone), Kalle Lundborg (saxophone), Olle Wirén (saxophone), Bengt Lindqvist (keyboards), Janne Schaffer (guitar), Jan Bergman (bass), Nils-Erik Svensson (drums) Discography: […]


Ståålfågel were a Swedish New Wave band that released two albums and a pair of singles on Slick between 1980 and 1982. Members: Petter Brundell (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Erik Fritiofsson (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Micke Kjell (bass) Discography: Ståålfågel (1980) Sällskapa mig genom natten (1981) “Törnrosa” / “Betongklump genom fönstret” (1981) “Utan rymddräkt på Uranus” / […]


Sundance were a Swedish jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on EMI in 1976. Members: Anita Nyman (vocals), Stephen Frankevich (trumpet, flugelhorn, French horn, vocals, percussion), Salomon Helperin (trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion), Carl-Axel Hall (piano, electric piano, moog, mellotron, clavinet, keyboards, percussion), Harald Stenström (electric bass, tuba), Nils Nordin (drums, percussion, congas) Discography: Sundance (1976)


Splash were a Swedish brass-rock/jazz-rock band that released the album Ut på Vischan! on Polydor in 1972, followed by two titles on self-press Pla between 1974 and 1978. Members: Christer Holm (saxophone, clarinet, bassoon), Christer Jansson (guitar, violin, vocals), Gösta Rundqvist (organ, piano), Håkan Lewin (saxophone, flute), Jan Erik Westin (drums), Kaj Söderström (bass, vocals), […]


Spjärnsvallet were a Swedish jazz-rock/folk band that released a self-titled album on MNW in 1975. Members: Bengt Berger (drums, percussion, rattle), Christer Bothén (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, B♭ clarinet, piano, gunbri, balani), Kjell Westling (saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, cello, piano), Nikke Ström (bass, rattle) Discography: Spjärnsvallet (1975) Till soluppgång och till lycka (1981 • Fred […]


Soffgruppen were a Swedish jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album — alternately called Greatest Sits — in 1975 on Nacksving. Members: Anders Kjellberg (drums, percussion), Clas Yngström (guitar), Matz Nilsson (bass), Pierre Swärd (keyboards) Discography: Soffgruppen (aka Greatest Sits, 1975)

Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus were a Swedish jazz-rock band that released four albums on EMI Odeon between 1972 and 1975. Members: Carl-Axel Dominique (keyboards, flute), Georg Wadenius (bass, guitar, 1972), Monica Dominique (keyboards, vocals), Slim Borgudd (drums), Bo Häggström (bass), Tommy Körberg (vocals, guitar) Discography: Solar Plexus (1972) Solar Plexus 2 (1973) Det är inte båten som […]


Shaggy were a Swedish hard-rock band that released the album Lessons for Beginners on Royal in 1975. Members: Thomas Engström (lead vocals), Jan Gustavsson (bass, vocals), Jan “Fidde” Rognås (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Kurt Kästner (drums), Thomas J. Ryan (organ, backing vocals) Discography: Lessons for Beginners (1975)


Sevda were a Swedish ethno-jazz/rock ensemble that released a studio album and a live set on Caprice in 1972, plus a second concert recording on Sonet in 1974. Members: Maffy Falay (trumpet, flugelhorn, piano, [Indian] flute), Bernt Rosengren (tenor saxophone, flute), Gunnar Bergsten (baritone saxophone, flute), Salih Baysal (violin), Ove Gustavsson (bass), Okay Temiz (drums, […]

Samla Mammas Manna

Samla Mammas Manna was a Swedish avant-garde/trad band that released five albums on Silence between 1971 and 1980. In 1976, the band collaborated with U.S.-born Scandinavian composer Gregory Allan Fitzpatrick, recording his four-part Snorungarnas Symfoni for the MNW label. On the band’s 1978–80 releases, the nameplate appears as Zamla Mammaz Manna. Accordionist/bandleader Lars Hollmer and guitarist Coste […]

Runo Ericksson

Runo Ericksson (born Nov. 13, 1944) is a Swedish jazz trombonist who has been active since the early 1960s. During the first two decades of his career, he backed the likes of Benny Golson, George Russell, and George Gruntz, among other. In 1981, he cut the album Omnibus on Four Leaf Clover with backing by […]


Saga were a Swedish symphonic/hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on Sonet in 1974. Members: Christer Stålbrandt (vocals, bass), Kenny Bülow (guitar, vocals), Mats Norrefalk (guitar, vocals), Sten Danielsson (drums), Sylvia Olin (piano), Björn Isfält (cello), Christer Eklund (saxophone) Discography: Saga (1974)


Resa were a Swedish jazz-rock band that released two albums between 1974 and 1980 on Sonet and Caprice. Members: Claes Wang (drums), Harald Svensson (keyboards), Jan Tolf (guitar), Owe Gustavsson (bass), Håkan Boström (saxophone), Sergej Muchin (bass) Discography: Cozy Square (1974) Lycklig Mardröm (1980)

Rena Rama

Rena Rama were a Swedish jazz band that issued two albums on Caprice and one on Japo between 1973 and 1979, plus two albums on Dragon during the late 1980s. Members: Lennart Åberg (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, alto saxophone), Bobo Stenson (piano), Palle Danielsson (bass, percussion), Bengt Berger (percussion), Leroy Lowe (drums, percussion), Anders […]


Rävjunk were a Swedish space-rock band that self-released the album Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner in 1977. Members: Gilberth (vocals, keyboards, percussion), Uncle (drums, guitar, keyboards, vocals), Wilhelm Wallin (bass, keyboards, 1971-80, 1984), The Road Grader (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Lind (guitar, 1979-81, 1984), Cookie (harp,1977-present) Discography: Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner (1977) EP med Rävjunk (1979) “Bohman Bohman” / […]


Ragnarök were a Swedish symphonic/folk band that released four albums on Silence between 1976 and 1983. Members: Henrik Strindberg (guitar, flute, 1972-78, 2003-present), Staffan Strindberg (bass, 1972-78, 2003-present), Peter Bryngelsson (guitar, bass, vocals, 1972-83, 2003-present), Peder Nabo (guitar, flute, piano, 1972-80, 2003-present), Liselott Larsen (vocals, 1972-78), Lars Peter Sörensson (drums), Stefan Ohlsson (drums, guitar), Anders […]


Proud were a Swedish heavy metal band that released the album Fire Breaks the Dawn on EMI in 1984. Members: Anders Magnell (vocals), Peter Horvath (guitar), Magnus Olson (guitar), Bobby Horvath (bass), Anders Holmqvist (drums) Discography: Fire Breaks the Dawn (1984)

Råg i Ryggen

Råg i Ryggen were a Swedish hard-rock/psych band that released a self-titled album on Rondo in 1975. Members: Björn Aggemyr (bass), Björn “Nysse” Nyström (guitar), Christer Sjöborg (organ, keyboards), Jan Aggemyr (guitar), Jonas Warnerbring (vocals, flute, 1974-76), Peter Sandberg (drums, 1971-76), Bo Lantz (vocals, 1976), Jonas Edgren (drums, 1976) Discography: Råg i Ryggen (1975)


Pyramid were a Swedish symphonic/hard-rock band that issued the album First Stone on self-press Sfinx in 1978. Members: Christer Mentzer (vocals, congas, percussion), Kaj Börjesson (guitar), Michel Salvabella (guitar, vocals), B-A Wernersson (bass, vocals), Erling Mentzer (drums), Svesse Axelsson (saxophone, flute, vocals), Hans Ågårdh (trumpet), Ove Larsson (trombone) Discography: First Stone (1978)

Magnus Uggla

Magnus Uggla (June 18, 1954) is a Swedish art-pop vocalist/songwriter with a musical career that has spanned four decades. Between 1975 and 1989, he released nine studio albums, mostly on CBS and Columbia. Discography: Magnus Uggla om Bobbo Viking (1975) Livets teater (1976) Va ska man ta livet av sig för när man ändå inte […]


Prana were a Swedish jazz-rock band that released the album Like Children on Amigo Musik in 1977. Members: Helge Albin (saxophone, percussion), Hans Blom (piano, percussion), Per Nilsson (bass, percussion), Rolf Mattson (drums, percussion) Discography: Like Children (1977)

Pop Workshop

Pop Workshop were a multi-national jazz-rock supergroup based in Sweden that was active between 1973 and 1974, releasing two albums on Grammofonverket. Members: Wlodek Gulgowski (piano, keyboards, synthesizer, 1973-74), Janne Schaffer (guitar, 1973-74), Zbigniew Namysłowski (saxophone, flute, cello, 1973-1974), Stefan Brolund (bass, 1973), Ola Brunkert (drums, 1973), Ahmadu Jarr (percussion, 1973), Ed Thigpen (percussion, 1973), […]


Pandora were a Swedish symphonic-rock band that issued the album Measures of Time in 1974 on SMA, followed by a standalone single in 1979 on self-press Kulturmissionen. Members: Bertil Jonsson (drums), Urban Götling (guitar), Peter Hjelm (vocals), Leif Hellquist (guitar), Janne “Flojda” Dockner [Jan-Erik Dockner] (keyboards, piano), Björn Malmqvist (bass), Åke Rolf (guitar), Uffe “Ulf” […]


Pondus were a Swedish jazz-rock band that issued the album Myrornas Frammarsch on Coop in 1979. Members: Andreas Vera Oritz (piano, flute, percussion), Cliff Sjursvens (bass), Ole Bäck (Guitar, Vocals, Percussion), Thomas Boberg (Drums, Percussion) Discography: Myrornas Frammarsch (1979)

Opposite Corner

Opposite Corner were a Swedish avant-garde jazz ensemble from Gothenburg, formed in 1968. After an early split-release on SR, the band issued two albums on Caprice in 1976 and 1982, followed by a fourth and final album on Dragon in 1984. The band also have a half-side on the live document Det NyJAZZte från Göteborg, […]


Nexus were a Swedish jazz-rock band that released three albums between 1978 and 1987 on Four Leaf Clover. Members: Anders Lagerlöf (Drums), Håkan Rydin (Piano, Electric Piano), Jörgen Nilsson (Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet), Ulf Rådelius (Bass) Discography: Nexus (1978) Nexus Meets Enrico Rava (1984 • Nexus & Enrico Rava) In Canada (1987)


Myrbein were a Swedish avant-garde/art-rock band from Östersund that was active for four years, starting in 1977. After a string of bootleg live recordings, the band self-released the album Myrornas Krig in 1981. Members: Anders Lönnkvist (drums, xylophone, [toy] trumpet, vocals), Bo “Bosse” Lindberg (guitar, trumpet, organ, vocals), Johan von Sydow (bass, trombone), Mats Krouthén […]

Mwendo Dawa

Mwendo Dawa were a Swedish post-bop ensemble that debuted with a piece on the 1977 compilation Det Nyjazzte Från Göteborg, released by Caprice Records. In 1979, the band issued their first album, Basic Line, on Sonet. During the 1980s, the band released 10 albums on Dragon Records, followed over the subsequent quarter-century by eight further […]

Mr Brown

Mr Brown were a Swedish symphonic/folk-rock band that released the album Mellan Tre Ögon on self-press FLY KHAN in 1977. Members: Anders Nilsson (keyboards), Bo Carlberg (guitar), Håkan Andersson (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Jan Peter Stråhle (flute), Kjell Johansson (drums), Lars Meding (guitar), Robert Svensson (bass) Discography: Mellan Tre Ögon (1977)

Mount Everest

Mount Everest were a Swedish post-bop/jazz-rock ensemble that released five albums on assorted labels between 1972 and 1983. Members: Gilbert Holmström (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute), Kjell Jansson (bass), Chris Holmström (bass clarinet), Lars Jansson (piano), Kjell Jonasson (guitar), Arne Larsson (cornet), Gunnar Pettersson (drum kit), Conny Sjökvist (drum kit), Ronny Johansson (piano, […]


Mosaik were a Swedish symphonic/jazz-rock band that self-released an eponymous album in 1982. Members: Dan Bornemark (vocals), Karl Witting (vocals), Erik Björn Nielsen (organ), Hans Annellsson (guitar), Janne Persson (guitar), Peter Nilsson (saxophone), Micke Pinotti (drums), Ulf Hedlund (bass), Tomas Gunnarsson (violin, drums) Discography: Mosaik (1982)

Mockba Music

Mockba Music were a Swedish synthpop trio that released three singles and a self-titled album on Stranded Rekords between 1982 and 1984. Members: Tom Wolgers, Michael Ekebladh, Heintz Liljedahl, Cecilia Hentz, Johan Vävare Discography: “In Från Kylan” / “Harry?” (1982) Mockba Music (1984)