Emerson, Lake & Palmer ‎– Trilogy (1972)

Trilogy is the third studio album by English symphonic-rock trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer, released in 1972 on the Island and Atlantic labels.

A1. The Endless Enigma (Part 1) (6:37)
A2. Fugue (1:57)
A3. The Endless Enigma (Part 2) (2:00)
A4. From the Beginning (4:14)
A5. The Sheriff (3:22)
A6. Hoedown (3:48)
B1. Trilogy (8:54)
B2. Living Sin (3:11)
B3. Abaddon’s Bolero (8:13)

Keith Emerson — Hammond organ, piano, moog synthesizer, mini moog, lyrics, writer, arranger
Greg Lake — vocals, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, producer, writer, arranger
Carl Palmer — percussion, writer, arranger

Eddie Offord — engineer

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