Gryphon ‎– Red Queen to Gryphon Three (1974)

Red Queen to Gryphon Three is the third album by English Tudorian-style folk quintet Gryphon, released in 1974 on Transatlantic/Bell.

A1. “Opening Move” (9:42 — :01—1:04+3:00—3:52—5:06 | 5:07—8:42)
A2. “Second Spasm” (8:15 — :01—:59—2:40—3:12+6:50—8:16)
B1. “Lament” (10:45 — :01—2:53 | 5:23—6:20+7:13—10:13)
B2. “Checkmate” (9:50 — :01—1:06—1:55—2:28—3:44 | 5:30—6:26—8:09—9:41)

Richard Harvey — keyboards, recorder, crumhorn
Brian Gulland — bassoon, crumhorn
Graeme Taylor — guitar
Dave Oberlé — drums, percussion, tympanum
Philip Nestor — bass guitar

Gryphon — arranger, producer
Dave Grinsted — co-producer, engineer
Ernest Hart — organ
Pete Redding — acoustic bass
Robert Ellis — photography
Roger Perry — photography
Ann Sullivan — art direction
Vanessa East — art direction
Dan Pearce — cover design, illustration

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