Badfinger was a Welsh pop-rock band first called The Iveys, which released the 1969 album Maybe Tomorrow on Apple Records. As Badfinger, they released the 1970–71 albums Magic Christian Music, No Dice, and Straight Up and scored hits with “Come and Get It,” “No Matter What,” “Day After Day,” and “Baby Blue.” After their 1973 album Ass, they signed to Warner for the 1974 albums Badfinger and Wish You Were Here. They paused after the 1975 suicide of guitarist Pete Ham but reconvened for the 1979–81 albums Airwaves and Say No More.

Members: Tom Evans (vocals, guitar, bass, 1969-75, 1978-83), Mike Gibbins (drums, vocals, keyboards, 1969-75, 1978, 1982, 1984), Pete Ham (guitar, vocals, 1969-75), Ron Griffiths (bass, vocals, 1969), Joey Molland (vocals, guitar, 1969-74, 1978-81, 1984), Bob Jackson (keyboards, vocals, guitar, 1974-75, 1982-84), Joe Tansin (guitar, vocals, 1978), Ken Harck (drums, 1978), Tony Kaye (keyboards, 1979-81, 1983), Bob Schell (guitar, 1979), Peter Clarke (drums, 1979), Ian Wallace (drums, 1979-80), Richard Bryans (drums, 1980-81), Rod Roach (guitar, 1980), Glen Sherba (guitar, 1980-81, 1983), Bob Evans (vocals, keyboards, guitar, 1982), Jimmy McCulloch (guitar, 1982), Steve Johns (keyboards, 1982), Fred Girard (guitar, vocals, 1982), Adam Allen (guitar, vocals, 1982), Reed Kailing (vocals, guitar, 1982), Donnie Dacus (vocals, guitar, 1982), Lenny Campanero (drums, 1983), Randy Anderson (vocals, guitar, 1984), Al Wodtke (vocals, bass, 1984)


Badfinger’s history traces back to The Panthers, a beat group formed in 1961 in Swansea, Wales, by guitarist Pete Ham, bassist Ron Griffiths, drummer Roy Anderson, and rhythm guitarist Dai” Jenkins. They gigged under assorted names (The Black Velvets, The Wild Ones) before 1964, when they chose The Iveys, named after Swansea’s Ivey Place. In March 1965, Anderson cleared for drummer Mike Gibbons.

Maybe Tomorrow

Badfinger (as The Iveys) released their debut album, Maybe Tomorrow , on July 4, 1969, on Apple. This was their only album under the Iveys moniker.

Magic Christian Music 

Badfinger released their second album, Magic Christian Music, on January 9, 1970, on Apple.

No Dice

Badfinger released their third album, No Dice, on November 9, 1970, on Apple.

Straight Up

Badfinger released their fourth album, Straight Up, on December 13, 1971, on US Apple. In the UK, it appeared on February 11, 1972.


Badfinger released their fifth album, Ass, on November 26, 1973, on US Apple. In the UK, it appeared on March 8, 1974.


Badfinger released their self-titled sixth album in February 1974 on Warner Bros.

Wish You Were Here

Badfinger released their seventh album, Wish You Were Here, on November 15, 1974, on Warner Bros.


Badfinger released their eighth album, Airwaves, in March 1979 (May in the UK) on Elektra.

Say No More

Badfinger released their ninth album, Say No More, on January 17, 1981, on Radio Records.

Head First

In 2000, Artisan Recordings released Head First, the eighth-recorded Badfinger studio album, recorded in December 1974 and slated for a 1975 release on Warner Bros.


  • Maybe Tomorrow (1969 • The Iveys)
  • Magic Christian Music (1970)
  • No Dice (1970)
  • Straight Up (1971)
  • Ass (1973)
  • Badfinger (1974)
  • Wish You Were Here (1974)
  • Airwaves (1979)
  • Say No More (1981)
  • Over You (The Final Tracks) [archival] (1993)
  • Head First [archival] (2000)


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