Propaganda were a German electro/art-pop foursome that released the EP Present the Nine Lives of Dr. Mabuse in 1984, followed in 1985 by the album A Secret Wish and the remix collection Wishful Thinking. All titles were issued on producer Trevor Horn’s ZTT label. The bands second proper album, 1234, appeared in 1990 on Island.

Members: Andreas Thein (keyboards, 1982-84), Ralf Dörper (keyboards), Susanne Freytag (keyboards, vocals), Claudia Brücken (vocals, 1983-86), Michael Mertens (percussion), Betsi Miller (vocals, 1987-90), Derek Forbes (bass), Brian McGee (drums)


  • Present the Nine Lives of Dr. Mabuse (EP, 1984)
  • A Secret Wish (1985)
  • Wishful Thinking (remixes, 1985)
  • 1234 (1990)

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