Soft Machine ‎– Six (1973)

Six is a studio album by English jazz-rock quartet Soft Machine, release in February 1973 on CBS/Columbia. The album is the band’s sixth overall and their second double-LP set.

A1. “Fanfare” (0:42)
A2. “All White” (4:43)
A3. “Between” (2:24)
A4. “Riff” (4:31)
A5. “37½” (6:53)
B1. “Gesolreut” (6:13)
B2. “E.P.V.” (2:47)
B3. “Lefty” (4:50)
B4. “Stumble” (1:50)
B5. “5 From 13 (For Phil Seamen With Love and Thanks)” (5:15)
B6. “Riff II” (0:26)
C1. “The Soft Weed Factor” (11:17)
C2. “Stanley Stamps Gibbon Album” (5:57)
D1. “Chloe and the Pirates” (9:29)
D2. “1983” (7:11)

Hugh Hopper — bass guitar, sound effects
Karl Jenkins — oboe, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, electric piano, grand piano, celeste
John Marshall — drums, percussion
Mike Ratledge — organ, electric piano, grand piano, celeste

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