XTC ‎– Drums and Wires (1979)

Drums and Wires is the third album by English New Wave/art-rock band XTC, released in 1979 on Virgin.

A1. “Making Plans for Nigel” (4:13)
A2. “Helicopter” (3:54)
A3. “Day In Day Out” (3:05)
A4. “When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty” (3:20)
A5. “Ten Feet Tall” (3:12)
A6. “Roads Girdle the Globe” (5:11)
B1. “Real by Reel” (3:46)
B2. “Millions” (5:37)
B3. “That Is the Way” (2:56)
B4. “Outside World” (2:40)
B5. “Scissor Man” (3:59)
B6. “Complicated Game” (4:53)

Bonus 7″:
A. “Chain of Command” (2:30) / B. “Limelight” (2:35)

Bushman President (H.S. #2)” (3:10)
Pulsing, Pulsing” (1:36)
Homo Safari

Andy Partridge — guitar, vocals, synthesizer, songwriter
Colin Moulding — bass, vocals, songwriter
Terry Chambers — drums, percussion, backing vocals
Dave Gregory — guitar, backing vocals

Steve Lillywhite — producer
Hugh Padgham — engineer
Jill Mumford — design
Dick Cuthell — trumpet

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