Slade was an English hard-rock/pop band from Wolverhampton that scored 16 hits on the UK Top 10 between 1971 and 1984. Evolving from beatsters The N’ Betweens, they signed with Fontana in 1969 and released one album as Ambrose Slade.

In 1970, they met ex-Animal (and Hendrix manager) Chas Chandler, who refashioned them as skinheads under the shortened name Slade for the album Play It Loud, their first on Polydor. The following year, they appeared with long hair and flashy attire, scoring their first chart-topper, “Coz I Luv You.” Between 1972 and 1976, they released four studio albums and numerous standalone singles, topping the UK charts with “Take Me Bak ‘Ome,” “Mama Weer All Crazee Now,” “Cum On Feel the Noize,” “Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me,” and “Merry Xmas Everybody.”

During the late 1970s, Slade issued three albums on Barn Records Ltd. Between 1981 and 1987, they released four studio albums on RCA, finding newfound success with the 1983/84 hits “My Oh My” and “Run Runaway,” the latter marking their sole entry on the Billboard Top 20.

Members: Noddy Holder (vocals, guitar), Dave Hill (guitar), Jimmy Lea (bass), Don Powell (drums)


  • Beginnings (1969, Ambrose Slade)
  • Play It Loud (1970)
  • Slayed? (1972)
  • Slade Alive! (live, 1972)
  • Old New Borrowed and Blue (1974)
  • Slade in Flame (OST, 1974)
  • Nobody’s Fools (1976)
  • Whatever Happened to Slade? (1977)
  • Slade Alive Vol. Two (1978)
  • Return to Base (1979)
  • We’ll Bring the House Down (1981)
  • Till Deaf Do Us Part (1981)
  • The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome (1983)
  • Rogues Gallery (1985)
  • Crackers: The Christmas Party Album (1985)
  • You Boyz Make Big Noize (1987)


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