Moonrider were an English rustic-rock band that released a self-titled album on small-press Anchor Records in 1975. The band featured ex-Tomorrow vocalist Keith West and once-Quiver/future-Attractions bassist Bruce Thomas.

Members: Brian “Chico” Greenwood (drums), Bruce Thomas (bass), John Weider (guitar, vocals), Keith West (guitar, vocals)

The band developed through ties between Keith West and guitarist John Weider, who worked together on the former’s 1974 solo album Wherever My Love Goes, which marked a ruralized turn for the former Tomorrow vocalist. The guitarist himself had an extensive background with stints in The Animals (1967–69) and Family (1970–71), as well as brief appearances with Stud, Home, and the 1972 one-off Ro Ro with Alan Ross.

Completing the Moonrider lineup were former Bodast/Quiver bassist Bruce Thomas and ex-Jasper/Trifle drummer Chico Greenwood.

Musically, the Moodrider album merges rustic twang with dark balladry: a balance exemplified in the track “Danger in the Night,” which Weider would re-record with his subsequent band Gulliver. Bruce Thomas reemerged in late-1977 in Elvis Costello‘s backing band The Attractions.


  • Moonrider (1975)

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