Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band were an English symphonic/art-rock band that released a pair of albums on Philips in 1972, followed by nine studio albums on Bronze between 1973 and 1983, plus a further pair of titles on Virgin/10 Records in the late 1980s. The band was formed as a follow-through to the namesake keyboardist’s two prior outfits, Manfred Mann and Chapter Three. Earth Band albums typically feature a mix of originals with reworks of compositions by noted songwriters of the TriMax era, including Ian Thomas, Mike Heron, Mike Rudd, and Harriet Schock.

Members: Manfred Mann (keyboards), Mick Rogers (guitar, vocals, 1971-75, 1983-present), Chris Slade (drums, 1971-78), Colin Pattenden (bass, 1971-78), Dave Flett (guitar, 1975-78), Chris Thompson (vocals, guitar, 1975-97), Pat King (bass, 1977-82), Steve Waller (guitar, vocals, 1979-83), John Lingwood (drums, 1979-86), Shona Laing (vocals, 1981-82), Matt Irving (bass, 1981-86)

South African expat keyboardist Manfred Mann assembled the Earth Band in 1971 after two albums fronting brass-rockers Chapter Three. For its first five albums, the Earth Band was a four-piece comprised of Mann and guitarist/singer Mick Rogers, bassist Colin Pattenden, and drummer Chris Slade.

The Essex-born Rogers had played in the Aussie beat groups The Playboys and Procession. Slade hailed from Tom Jones’ backing band The Squires. Pattenden had served as a sessionist for Engelbert Humperdinck and Leapy Lee. The name Earth Band was inspired by the growing ecological movement of the early 1970s.


  • Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (1972)
  • Glorified Magnified (1972)
  • Messin’ (1973)
  • Solar Fire (1973)
  • The Good Earth (1974)
  • Nightingales & Bombers (1975)
  • The Roaring Silence (1976)
  • Watch (1978)
  • Angel Station (1979)
  • Chance (1980)
  • Somewhere in Afrika (1983)
  • Criminal Tango (1986)
  • Masque (1987)


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