Todd Rundgren ‎– Initiation (1975)

Initiation is the sixth solo album by American musician/composer Todd Rundgren, released in 1975 on Bearsville.

A1. “Real Man” (4:25)
A2. “Born to Synthesize” (3:40)
A3. “The Death of Rock and Roll” (3:48)
A4. “Eastern Intrigue” (5:06)
A5. “Initiation” (7:05)
A6. “Fair Warning” (8:07)
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
B1. “Intro-Prana” (4:27)
B2. “II – The Fire of Mind or Solar Fire” (3:43)
B3. “III – The Fire of Spirit or Electric Fire” (7:34)
B4. “I – The Internal Fire or Fire by Friction” (20:16)
—i. Mûlâdhârâ – The Dance of Kundalini
—ii. Svâdhishthâna – Bam, Bham, Mam, Yam, Ram, Lam, Thank You Mahm
—iii. Manipûra – Seat of Fire
—iv. Anâhata – The Halls of Air
—v. Vishudda – Sound Beyond Ears
—vi. Ajnâ – Sights Beyond Eyes
—vii. Brahmarandhra – Nirvana shakti
B5. “Outro-Prana


“Real Man” (Recorded at Secret Sound Studio)

Todd Rundgren – vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer, RMI Keyboard Computer, ARP String Ensemble, percussion
Moogy Klingman – RMI Keyboard Computer
Ralph Schuckett – clavinet
John Siegler – bass
Kevin Ellman – drums

“Born to Synthesize” (Recorded at Bearsville Sound Studio)

Todd Rundgren – vocals
Roger Powell – synthesizer treatments

“The Death of Rock and Roll” (Recorded at Media Sound Studio)

Todd Rundgren – vocals, guitars
Ralph Schuckett – clavinet
Rick Derringer – bass
Kevin Ellman, John Wilcox – drums

“Eastern Intrigue” (Recorded at Secret Sound Studio)

Todd Rundgren – vocals, electric sitar, electric piano, RMI Keyboard Computer, ARP String Ensemble, additional percussion
John Miller – bass
Roy Markowitz – drums
Lee Pastora – congas, bongos
Barbara Burton – percussion
Roger Powell – nose flute

“Initiation” (Recorded at Media Sound Studio)

Todd Rundgren – vocals, lead guitar, clavinet, synthesizer, RMI Keyboard Computer, ARP String Ensemble
Bob Rose – rhythm guitar
John Siegler – bass
Rick Marotta, Bernard Purdie – drums
Lee Pastora – congas
David Sanborn – saxophone solo
Roger Powell – synthesizer solo

“Fair Warning” (Recorded at Media Sound Studio)

Todd Rundgren – vocals, piano, electric sitar, RMI Keyboard Computer, ARP String Ensemble
Moogy Klingman – organ
Rick Derringer – guitar
Dan Hartman – bass
Chris Parker, Barry Lazarowitz – drums
Edgar Winter – saxophone

Side 2

“A Treatise on Cosmic Fire” (Recorded at Secret Sound and Bearsville Sound Studios)

Todd Rundgren – all instruments
Roger Powell – synthesizer programming, “creative assistance”


Todd Rundgren – writing, production, arrangement, mixing, and engineering (“Real Man”, “Born to Synthesize”, “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire”)
Jack Malken – engineering (all other tracks)

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