Touch were an American psych-rock band from Portland, Ore., that released a self-titled album on London-subsidiary Coliseum (U.S.) and Deram (U.K.) in 1969. Members: Jeff Hawks (vocals), Joey Newman (guitar), Don Gallucci (keyboards), Bruce Hauser (bass), John Bordonaro (drums) Touch emerged from the final lineup of Portland popsters Don & The Goodtimes, which featured vocalist […]


The Wipers were an American punk band from Portland that released the 1978 maxi-single “Better Off Dead” on self-press Trap, followed by the 1980–81 releases Is This Real?, Alien Boy, and Youth of America on Park Avenue Records. Members: Greg Sage (guitar, vocals, bass), Dave Koupal (bass, 1977-81), Sam Henry (drums, 1977-81), Brad Davidson (bass, […]


Providence were an American symphonic/folk-rock band from Portland, Ore., that released the album Ever Sense the Dawn on Threshold in 1972. Members: Bob Barriatua (electric bass, vocals), Bartholomew Bishop (lead vocals, piano, harpsichord, organ, autoharp), Jim Cockey (violin, glockenspiel, vocals), Andy Guzie (guitar, vocals), Tim Tompkins (cello, vocals, recorder, percussion), Tom Tompkins (viola, vocals, violin) […]

Harlequin Mass

Harlequin Mass were an American symphonic-rock band from Portland, Ore., that released an eponymous album on self-press Mass Productions in 1978. Members: Lyle Holdahl (bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, strings, synthesizer, piano, organ, bass synthesizer, flute, percussion, vocals), Nancy Deaver [Nancy Kaye] (vocals, bass synthesizer), John Reagan (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Jeff Pike (lead guitar, […]

Gary Ogan

Gary Ogan is an American singer/songwriter from Portland, Ore., who emerged in partnership with musician Bill Lamb on the 1972 Elektra release Portland. In 1977, he issued a self-titled album on Leon Russell’s Paradise Records label. His third album, Let Go the Heart, appeared on small-press Seagull Records in 1982. Gary Ogan taught himself to […]

Wild Dogs

Wild Dogs were an American metal band from Portland, Ore., that released two albums on Shrapnel in 1983/84, followed by Reign of Terror on Enigma in 1987. Members: Matt McCourt (vocals, bass), Mike Varney (guitar), Michael Brown (guitar), Pete Laufmann (drums), Michael Furlong (vocals), Jeff Mark (guitar), Danny Kurth (bass), Rick Bartell (bass), Deen Castronovo […]

The Tone Dogs

The Tone Dogs were an American avant-rock band from Portland, Ore., that released two albums on the NW small-press labels C/Z Records and Soleilmoon Recordings between 1989 and 1991. Members: Fred Chalenor (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, violin), Amy Denio (guitar, bass, saxophone, drums, vocals), Matt Cameron (drums, vocals, 1988-89), Will Dowd (drums, 1990-91), Henry Franzoni […]


Scandal were an American pop-rock band from Eugene, Ore., that released the album Really Worth Waiting For on self-press Pacific Rose Records in 1978. Members: Laurie Tellock (Lead Vocals), Steve Myers (Guitars, Vocals), Tom McCauley (Bass, Vocals), Jim Watson (Drums, Percussion), Steve Larson (Keyboards), Kevne Thompson (Vocals, Percussion) Scandal (1978) Discography: Really Worth Waiting For […]


Pleasure was an American soul-funk band from Portland, Ore., that released six albums on Fantasy between 1975 and 1980, followed by a seventh on RCA Victor in 1982. Members: Marlon McClain (guitar, vocals), Sherman Davis (vocals), Bruce Carter (drums), Donald Hepburn (keyboards, vocals), Nathaniel Phillips (bass, vocals), Bruce Smith (percussion, vocals), Denis Springer (saxophone), Dan […]


Quarterflash were an American modern-rock band from Portland, Ore. Members: Marv Ross (guitar), Rindy Ross (vocals, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone), Jack Charles (guitar, vocals, 1980-86), Brian David Willis (percussion, 1980-86), Rick Gooch (bass, 1980-86), Rick DiGiallonardo (keyboards, 1980-86), Doug Fraser (guitar, 1990-96), Sandin Wilson (bass, 1990-96), Mel Kubik (keyboards, saxophone, 1990-96), Gregg Williams (percussion, 1990-96) […]

The Lollipop Shoppe

The Lollipop Shoppe was an American garage-rock band based in Portland, Oregon, that released the 1968 album Just Colour on Uni Records. It contains “You Must Be a Witch,” a much-comped heavy psych song noted for its gasping, dramatized vocals. Frontman Fred Cole led numerous garage bands in the ensuing four decades. Members: Fred Cole […]