Patrick Moraz ‎– The Story of i (1976)

The Story of i is the debut solo album by Swiss keyboardist Patrick Moraz, released in 1976 on Charisma. Recorded during his two-year stint with Yes, the music here shares stylistic traits with Relayer, his one album with the band.

A1. “Impact” (3:28)
A2. “Warmer Hands” (3:31)
A3. “The Storm” (0:53)
A4. “Cachaca (Baiao)” (4:09)
A5. “Intermezzo” (2:49)
A6. “Indoors” (3:44)
A7. “Best Years of Our Lives” (4:01)
B1. “Descent” (1:43)
B2. “Incantation-Procession” (1:52)
B3. “Dancing Now” (4:38)
B4. “Impressions (The Dream)” (2:48)
B5. “Like a Child in Disguise” (4:05)
B6. “Rise and Fall” (5:34)
B7. “Symphony in the Space” (3:01)

Patrick Moraz — grand piano, Hammond organ, synthesizer, Mellotron, electric piano, Clavinet, keyboards, harpsichord, marimba, gong, cymbal, percussion, alphorn, lyrics, producer, executive producer, composer, arranger, conductor, orchestration
Jean Ristori — cello, double bass, engineer
John Pasche — cover design
Alphonse Mouzon — drums
Andy Newmark — drums
Paulo Braga — drums
Jeff Berlin — electric bass
Ray Gomez — electric guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Wilson Canegal — ganza
Jorge Arena — pandeiro
Doutor — percussion
Chico Batera — percussion
Hermes Contesini — tumba
Gordinho — surdo
Marçal — tambourine
Elizeu Félix — tambourine
Vivienne McAuliffe — vocals
Chris Squire — mastering

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