Peter Gabriel – Security (1982)

Security is the North American title of the fourth eponymous studio album by Peter Gabriel, released on September 6, 1982, on Charisma (UK) and Geffen (US, Canada). Its lead-off single, “Shock the Monkey,” became a staple of early MTV. This is Gabriel’s fourth solo album after his 1975 departure from Genesis.

Gabriel self-titled his first four solo albums to make his catalog appear like an annual magazine: same title, different cover. Geffen — which signed the artist for his 1980 third album Peter Gabriel (colloquially known as the “melting face” album) — retitled this album Security to avoid confusion with its predecessor, as well as his 1977/78 albums Peter Gabriel (aka “rainy windshield”) and Peter Gabriel (aka “scratch”).

A1. “The Rhythm of the Heat” (5:15)
A2. “San Jacinto” (6:22)
A3. “I Have the Touch” (4:33)
A4. “The Family and the Fishing Net” (7:02)
B1. “Shock the Monkey” (5:31)
B2. “Lay Your Hands on Me” (6:03)
B3. “Wallflower” (6:29)
B4. “Kiss of Life” (4:17)

Main Musicians:

  • Peter Gabriel – vocals, synthesizer, Linn drum machine (A1 to B2), drums (A2), Surdo bass drum (A1, B3), piano (B4), backing vocals
  • Tony Levin – bass (A1, B2–B4), Chapman stick (A2–B1), synthesizer (A1)
  • Jerry Marotta – drums, Surdo bass drum (A1), percussion (B2)
  • David Rhodes – guitar (A2–B4), backing vocals (A1, A3, A4, B2, B3)
  • Larry Fast – synthesizer (A1–B1, B3, B4)
  • John Ellis – timbales (B2), guitar (A2, A4), backing vocals (A1, B3)
  • David Lord – piano (B3, B4), saxophone (B2), synthesizer (B2, B4)

Additional Musicians:

  • Morris Pert – percussion (B3)
  • Roberto Laneri – saxophone (A4)
  • Stephen Paine – saxophone (A4)
  • Ekome Dance Company – Ghanaian drums section
  • Peter Hammill – backing vocals (A4, B1, B2)
  • Jill Gabriel – backing vocals (A2)


  • Producer – David Lord, Peter Gabriel
  • Producer [Electronic Production and Processing] – Larry Fast, Peter Gabriel
  • Engineer – David Lord
  • Engineer [Assistant] – Neil Perry
  • Technician [Equipment] – Albert Lawrence, Alan Terry, Ian Tucker, Mal Craggs
  • Recorded By [Mobile One] – Andy Rose, Tim Wybrow
  • Fairlight CMI programming – Stephen Paine, David Lord, Larry Fast, Peter Gabriel
  • Remix – Julian Mendelsohn (B1)
  • Remix [Assistant] – Danny Heaps (B1)


  • Photography – dj
  • Management – Gailforce
  • Artwork [Based on Video Images By] – David Gardner, Malcolm Poynter, Peter Gabriel
  • Typography [Typesetting] – Ron Hart
  • Written-By, Arranged By – Peter Gabriel

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