King Crimson ‎– Starless and Bible Black (1974)

Starless and Bible Black is the sixth studio album by English experimental rock band King Crimson, released in March 1974 on Island/Atlantic.

A1. “The Great Deceiver” (4:02)
A2. “Lament” (4:01)
A3. “We’ll Let You Know” (3:41)
A4. “The Night Watch” (4:40)
A5. “Trio” (5:40)
A6. “The Mincer” (4:08)
B1. “Starless and Bible Black” (9:11)
B2. “Fracture” (11:12)

Robert Fripp — guitar, Mellotron, devices, electric piano
John Wetton — bass, vocals
Bill Bruford — drums, percussion
David Cross — violin, viola, Mellotron, electric piano

King Crimson — producer
George Chkiantz — sound engineer

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