Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood were an English blues-rock band from Canvey Island, Essex, that released seven studio albums and two live discs on United Artists between 1975 and 1980, followed by six further albums on assorted labels during the ensuing decade. The band gained notoriety for the kinetic stage antics of guitarist Wilko Johnson and vocalist Lee Brilleaux.

Johnson left after the fourth album for a string of other projects. He briefly served as Chaz Jankel‘s replacement in Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

Musically, Dr. Feelgood spearheaded a small wave of acts that resurrected the stripped R&B/beat arrangements of the early ’60s Korner school (The Rolling Stones, The Pretty ThingsDownliners Sect). The music was termed “pub rock” and represented a foundationalist aesthetic that stood in contrast to the maximalist strains of post-Mayall blues rock.

Members: Lee Brilleaux (vocals, harmonica, 1971-94), Wilko Johnson (guitar, 1971-77), John B. Sparks (bass, 1971-82), The Big Figure [John Martin] (drums, 1971-82), Henry McCulloch (guitar, 1977), Gypie Mayo (guitar, 1977-81), Johnny Guitar (guitar, 1981-82), Pat McMullen (bass, 1982), Buzz Barwell (drums, 1982), Gordon Russell (guitar, 1983-89), Phil Mitchell (bass, 1983-91, 1995-present), Kevin Morris (drums, 1983-present), Steve Walwyn (guitar, 1989-present)


  • Down by the Jetty (1975)
  • Malpractice (1975)
  • Stupidity (live, 1976)
  • Sneakin’ Suspicion (1977)
  • Be Seeing You (1977)
  • Private Practice (1978)
  • Let It Roll (1979)
  • As It Happens (live, 1979)
  • A Case of the Shakes (1980)
  • On the Job (live, 1981)
  • Fast Women & Slow Horses (1982)
  • Doctor’s Orders (1984)
  • Brilleaux (1986)
  • Classic (1987)

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