Renaissance ‎– Scheherazade and Other Stories (1975)

Scheherazade and Other Stories is the sixth album by English orchestral-rock quintet Renaissance, released in 1975 on BTM/Sire.


A1. Trip to the Fair (10:54)
A2. The Vultures Fly High (3:08)
A3. Ocean Gypsy (7:09)
B. Song of Scheherazade (24:39)
|i. Fanfare
|ii. The Betrayal
|iii. The Sultan
|iv. Love Theme
|v. The Young Prince and the Princess as Told by Scheherazade
|vi. Festival Preparations
|vii. Fugue for the Sultan
|viii. The Festival
|ix. Finale

Annie Haslam — lead vocals
Michael Dunford — acoustic guitar, vocals, music
John Camp — bass, vocals, music
John Tout — keyboards, vocals, music
Terence Sullivan — drums, percussion, vocals

Betty Thatcher — lyrics
David Hitchcock — producer
Tony Cox — orchestral arrangements
Hipgnosis — cover design

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