Chris Squire ‎– Fish Out of Water (1975)

Fish Out of Water is a 1975 solo album by Yes-bassist Chris Squire, self-produced and released on Atlantic.

A1. “Hold Out Your Hand” (4:14)
A2. “You by My Side” (5:03)
A3. “Silently Falling” (11:45)
B1. “Lucky Seven” (6:57)
B2. “Safe (Canon Song)” (14:15)

Chris Squire — bass, 12 string electric guitar, vocals, writer, producer, arranger
Bill Bruford — drums, percussion
Mel Collins — saxophone
Jimmy Hastings — flute
Patrick Moraz — bass synthesizer, organ
Barry Rose — pipe organ
Andrew Pryce Jackman — piano, electric piano, conductor, orchestration
Julian Gaillard — strings
John Wilbraham — brass
Jim Buck — horns
Adrian Brett — woodwinds
David Snell — harp

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