The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown were an English psych-rock band that released the single “Devil’s Grip” on Track Record in 1967, followed by a self-titled album (produced by Pete Townshend) and the single “Nightmare” in 1968. The band is best known for the shock theatrics of vocalist Arthur Brown, whose hair-lighting antics ignited performances of their signature hit “Fire.”

Brown released three albums between 1971 and 1973 with space-rockers Kingdom Come and later recorded as a solo artist. Organist Vincent Crane formed Atomic Rooster, which briefly included CWoAB drummer Carl Palmer, who ultimately landed in Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Bassist Nicholas Greenwood played with space-rockers Khan and released the album Cold Cuts in 1972.

Members: Arthur Brown (vocals), Vincent Crane (keyboards, 1967-68, 1968-69), Drachen Theaker (drums, 1967-68, 1969-70), Peter Gifford (saxophone, 1967), Sean Nicholas [Nicholas Greenwood] (bass, 1967-70), Jeff Cutler (drums, 1968), Carl Palmer (drums, 1968-69), Dick Heninghem (keyboards, 1968), Pete Solley (keyboards, 1968), George Khan (saxophone, 1969), Jonah Mitchell (keyboards, 1969), Dennis Taylor (bass, 1969-70), Andy Rickell [aka Android Funnel] (guitar, 1969-70), Roy Sharland (keyboards, 1970)


  • “Devil’s Grip” / “Give Him a Flower” (1967)
  • The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (1968)
  • “Nightmare” / “What’s Happening” (1968)
  • Strangelands (1988, recorded 1969)

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