Ted Coleman Band ‎– Taking Care of Business (1980)

Taking Care of Business is an album by American jazz-funk/soulsters the Ted Coleman Band, released in 1980 on JSR Records. “Due Consideration” is marked by rising/falling 3rds within a two-chord (G/Cm) verse sequence. An octave bassline/hi-hat slide accents the chordal arc (E♭/Dm/Gm) of the bridge. The verse theme is reimagined with an enveloped guitar solo, […]

Futuro Antico ‎– Dai Primitivi All’Elettronica (1980)

Dai Primitivi All’Elettronica is an album by Italian avant-garde combo Futuro Antico, recorded in July 1980 and released a decade later on Casal Gajardo Records. The album crosses experimental drone music with electronic minimalism and percussive maximalism. It was recorded two months after their self-pressed eponymous cassette. “Piano Synt” starts with sparkling piano filigree on […]

Airplay ‎– Airplay (1980)

Airplay is the sole album by the namesake project of producers/composers Jay Graydon and David Foster, recorded with assorted LA studio musicians. Released in 1980 on RCA, the album consists of 10 collaborative originals, two of which had recently been cut by associated acts Earth, Wind & Fire (“After the Love Is Gone”) and the […]

The Buggles ‎– The Age of Plastic (1980)

The Age of Plastic is the first of two albums by The Buggles, the studio project of Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes. Released in January 1980 on Island Records, the release was preceded by the duo’s version of “Video Killed the Radio Star” — co-written with departed third-wheel Bruce Woolley, who concurrently recorded the song […]

Group 87 ‎– Group 87 (1980)

Group 87 is the first of two albums by the namesake American studio-based supergroup. Released in 1980, the album finds the studio trio augmented by drumming virtuoso Terry Bozzio and Austrian producer/musician Peter Wolf.   Tracklist: A1. Future of the City A2. Magnificent Clockworks A3. Frontiers 1856 A4. Sublime Feline B1. The Bedouin B2. While […]

Peter Gabriel ‎– Peter Gabriel (1980)

Peter Gabriel — aka the “melting face” album — is the third consecutive self-titled solo album from Peter Gabriel. The album was issued in 1980 by Geffen after having been rejected by the artist’s longtime label Atlantic. Stylistically, the songs experiment with the buzzy, trebly sonorities of the day. Percussive ethno sounds course through “No […]

The Associates ‎– The Affectionate Punch (1980)

The Affectionate Punch is a 1980 album by Scottish duo The Associates. Joining the team of Billy Mackenzie and Alan Rankine for this debut offering is Cure frontman Robert Smith, who sings backup vocals on the chordally scrambled title-track. Sporting a clean, refined, and vocally suave sound reflective of the duo’s image, the album is […]

Judas Priest – British Steel (1980)

British Steel is the sixth studio album by English metal band Judas Priest, released in 1980 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Rapid Fire” (4:08) A2. “Metal Gods” (4:00) A3. “Breaking the Law” (2:35) A4. “Grinder” (3:58) A5. “United” (3:35) B1. “You Don’t Have to Be Old to Be Wise” (5:04) B2. “Living After Midnight” (3:31) B3. […]

Joy Division – Closer (1980)

Closer is the second and final proper album by Mancunian mood rockers Joy Division, released in July 1980 on Factory Records. The release was foreshadowed by the death of frontman Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in May of that year. Tracklist: A1. “Atrocity Exhibition” (6:04) A2. “Isolation” (2:53) A3. “Passover” (4:46) A4. “Colony” (3:55) A5. “A […]

The Edge – Square 1 (1980)

Square 1 is the lone album by English New Wave/art-punk foursome The Edge, released in 1980 on Hurricane Records. Tracklist: A1. “Edge Theme” A2. “Weekend Return” A3. “Wallflowers” A4. “Winning Streak” A5. “Isn’t It Strange?” A6. “Hanging Man” B1. “From the 17th” B2. “I Give Up” B3. “Let Go” B4. “Take Off” B5. “Here and […]

Dire Straits – Making Movies (1980)

Making Movies is the third album by English band Dire Straits, released in 1980 on Vertigo/Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Tunnel of Love” (8:09) A2. “Romeo and Juliet” (5:47) A3. “Skateaway” (6:32) B1. “Expresso Love” (5:17) B2. “Hand in Hand” (4:50) B3. “Solid Rock” (3:18) B4. “Les Boys” (4:07) Credits: Mark Knopfler — vocals, guitar, writer, […]

The Damned – The Black Album (1980)

The Black Album is the fourth album by English rockers The Damned, originally released as a triple-sided studio/quarter-live double-LP in 1980 on Chiswick. Outside the UK, the first record in the set was released as a single album. Tracklist: A1. “Wait for the Blackout” (3:57) A2. “Lively Arts” (2:59) A3. “Silly Kids Games” (2:35) A4. […]

The Cure – Seventeen Seconds (1980)

Seventeen Seconds is the second album by English New Wave/mood rockers The Cure, released in 1980 on Fiction/Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “A Reflection” (2:08) A2. “Play for Today” (3:41) A3. “Secrets” (3:20) A4. “In Your House” (4:07) A5. “Three” (2:34) B1. “The Final Sound” (0:52) B2. “A Forest” (5:55)* B3. “M” (3:03) B4. “At Night” (5:54) […]

The Clash – Sandinista (1980)

Sandinista is the fourth album by English rock/reggae band The Clash, released in 1980 as a triple-LP set on CBS/Epic. Tracklist: A1. “The Magnificent Seven” (5:31) A2. “Hitsville U.K.” (4:22) A3. “Junco Partner” (4:52) A4. “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe” (3:05) A5. “The Leader” (1:42) A6. “Something About England” (3:42) B1. “Rebel Waltz” (3:25) B2. “Look […]

Art Zoyd – Génération Sans Futur (1980)

Génération Sans Futur is the third album by French avant-garde/chamber-rock ensemble Art Zoyd, released in 1980 on Atem. “La Ville” Droning cello/viola and low-volume chants paced by the lowest D note on the piano…. Nocturnal, foreboding vibe… tense up occurs around 2:40 with throbbing one-note bass figure in D… aggressive yet faint chanting… frantic piano/viola […]

Allegro – Контрасты [Contrasts] (1980)

Контрасты [Contrasts] is an album by Russian jazz-rock ensemble Allegro, released in 1980 on Мелодия (Melodiya). Tracklist: A1. “Волжские напевы” (7:17) A2. “В народном духе” (10:45) В. “Контрасты (Концертино в 3-х частях)” (19:04) — Часть 1 — Часть 2 — Часть 3 Credits: Виктор Двоскин 〈Victor Dvoskin〉 — bass Виктор Епанешников 〈Victor Epaneshnikov〉 — drums […]

Ambiance – Drift Up to Space (1980)

Drift Up to Space is the second album by American jazz-funk combo Ambiance, released in 1980 on Da Mon. Tracklist: A1. “Drift Up to Space” (6:00) A2. “Freedom” (4:00) A3. “Ironti” (5:20) A4. “Simsamayaland” (5:00) B1. “Devika” (8:00) B2. “Just by Chance” (5:10) B3. “IO/IO” (6:53) Credits: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – Larry Knight Alto […]

Ali Thomson – Take a Little Rhythm (1980)

Take a Little Rhythm is the first of two albums by Scottish art-pop musician/songwriter Ali Thomson, released in 1980 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “Fools’ Society” (4:25) A2. “Take a Little Rhythm” (3:26) A3. “Saturday Heartbreaker” (4:19) A4. “We Were All in Love” (4:12) A5. “African Queen” (4:55) B1. “Live Every Minute” (3:45) B2. “Jamie” (4:33) […]

Alcatraz – Live (1980)

Live is the third album of original material by German jazz-rock combo Alcatraz, self-released in 1980 with the catalog number LMP 002. Tracklist: A1. “Unfug” (2:56) A2. “Samba Pardon” (9:15) A3. “Heinos Beerdigung” (5:48) A4. “Wock im Watt” (4:27) B1. “Alcaseltsam” (11:38) B2. “Arabische Nächte” (5:59) B3. “Trockeneis zum Frühstück” (4:32) Credits: Ralf Twellmann — […]

Akiko Yano – ごはんができたよ (Gohan ga Dekita yo) (1980)

ごはんができたよ (Gohan ga Dekita yo) is a double album by Japanese art-pop musician/vocalist Akiko Yano, produced by husband Ryuichi Sakamoto and recorded with the remainder of YMO and guitarist Kenji Omura. The album was released in 1980 on Japan Record. Tracklist: A1. “ひとつだけ” (5:42) A2. “ぼんぼんぼん” (6:16) A3. “Coloured Water” (4:43) B1. “在広東少年” (6:25) B2. […]

Talking Heads – Remain in Light (1980)

Remain in Light is the fourth album by American New Wave/art-rock band Talking Heads, released in 1980 on Sire. Tracklist: A1. “Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)” (5:46) A2. “Crosseyed and Painless” (4:45) A3. “The Great Curve” (6:26) B1. “Once in a Lifetime” (4:19) B2. “Houses in Motion” (4:30) B3. “Seen and Not Seen” (3:20) […]

Korál ‎– Korál (1980)

Korál is an album by the namesake Hungarian blues-rock/hard-rock band, released in 1980 on Pepita. Tracklist: A1. “Előszó” (2:38) A2. “Kiűzetés a Paradicsomból” (5:28) A3. “Fekete bárány” (4:30) A4. “Hangoddal ébreszt a szél” (3:16) A5. “Maradj velem” (3:46) B1. “A másik oldalon” (4:10) B2. “Anyám, vígasztalj engem” (3:56) B3. “Tudom én is megnyugodnék” (3:17) B4. […]

Flairck ‎– The Lady’s Back (1980)

The Lady’s Back is the second album by Dutch folk/rock/classical combo Flairck, released in 1980 on Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “Oost-west express” (4:49) A2. “De vlinder” (7:26) A3. “Voor Antoinette” (2:10) A4. “De stoomwals” (7:13) B1. “Gevecht met de engel” – Deel 1 (8:25) – Deel 2 (8:32) – Deel 3 (5:29) Credits: Sylvia Houtzager — […]

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark ‎– Organisation (1980)

Organisation is the second album by Liverpudlian electro/art-pop combo Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, colloquially known as OMD. The album was released in 1980 on DinDisc. Tracklist: A1. “Enola Gay” (3:34) A2. “2nd Thought” (4:15) A3. “VCL XI” (3:50) A4. “Motion and Heart” (3:17) A5. “Statues” (4:27) B1. “The Misunderstanding” (4:53) B2. “The More I See […]

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1980)

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark is the debut album by the namesake Liverpudlian electro/art-pop combo, released in 1980 on DinDisc/Virgin. Tracklist: A1. “Bunker Soldiers” (2:54) A2. “Almost” (3:44) A3. “Mystereality” (2:45) A4. “Electricity” (3:39) A5. “The Messerschmitt Twins” (5:41) B1. “Messages” (4:12) B2. “Julia’s Song” (4:41) B3. “Red Frame / White Light” (3:12) B4. “Dancing” […]

Rupert Holmes ‎– Adventure (1980)

Adventure is the sixth album by American composer/musician/vocalist Rupert Holmes, released in 1980 on MCA. Tracklist: A1. “Adventure” (4:02) A2. “The Mask” (3:49) A3. “Blackjack” (3:09) A4. “The O’Brien Girl” (4:38) A5. “Crowd Pleaser” (3:41) B1. “You’ll Love Me Again” (3:11) B2. “Cold” (5:43) B3. “Morning Man” (3:58) B4. “I Don’t Need You” (3:22) B5. […]

The Jam ‎– Sound Affects (1980)

Sound Affects is the fifth album by English New Wave/pop-rock trio The Jam, released in 1980 on Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “Pretty Green” (2:33) A2. “Monday” (3:02) A3. “But I’m Different Now” (1:52) A4. “Set the House Ablaze” (5:02) A5. “Start!” (2:29) A6. “That’s Entertainment” (3:38) B1. “Dream Time” (3:50) B2. “Man in the Corner Shop” […]

Mo.Do. ‎– La Scimmia Sulla Schiena del Re (1980)

La Scimmia Sulla Schiena del Re is an album by Italian avant-garde/art-rock combo Mo.Do., released in 1980 on International Audio Film. Tracklist: A1. “Preludio in Do” (2:00) A2. “Grindel” (4:04) A3. “Tramonto” (4:54) A4. “Oltre la terza porta” (5:23) B1. “Seltz” (3:35) B2. “Gulliver” (3:55) B3. “A proposito del Dott. Faust” (3:21) B4. “La scimmia […]

New Musik ‎– From A to B (1980)

From A to B is the debut album by English New Wave/synthpop band New Musik, released in 1980 on GTO. Tracklist: A1. “Straight Lines” (5:12) A2. “Sanctuary” (4:15) A3. “A Map of You” (3:50) A4. “Science” (3:21) A5. “On Islands” (4:24) B1. “This World of Water” (3:39) B2. “Living by Numbers” (3:27) B3. “Dead Fish […]

Cultural Noise ‎– Aphorisms Insane (1980)

Aphorisms Insane is an album by Austrian avant-garde/electro combo Cultural Noise, released in 1980 on CBS. Tracklist: A. “After the Selfdisintegration in Time” (19:24)* B. “Pursuing the in Time Disintegrating Reality” (20:33)** *(:01-3:15-5:35-7:00-8:00-10:05-17:45-19:40) **(:01-1:32-3:51-7:25-10:50-13:05-19:00-20:50) Credits: Mellotron [Mellotron M 400], Synthesizer [Micro Moog], Guitar – Walter Heinisch Sequencer [ARP Sequenzer, EMS Digital Sequenzer], Synthesizer [ARP 2600, […]

XTC ‎– Black Sea (1980)

Black Sea is the fourth album by English New Wave/art-rock band XTC, released in 1980 on Virgin. Tracklist: A1. “Respectable Street” (3:37) A2. “Generals and Majors” (4:04) A3. “Living Through Another Cuba” (4:43) A4. “Love at First Sight” (3:06) A5. “Rocket From a Bottle” (3:30) A6. “No Language in Our Lungs” (4:52) B1. “Towers of […]

Steve Hackett ‎– Defector (1980)

Defector is the fourth solo album by English guitarist/composer Steve Hackett, released in 1980 on Charisma. Tracklist: A1. “The Steppes” (6:05) A2. “Time to Get Out” (4:11) A3. “Slogans” (3:46) A4. “Leaving” (3:16) A5. “Two Vamps as Guests” (1:58) B1. “Jacuzzi” (4:36) B2. “Hammer in the Sand” (3:11) B3. “The Toast” (3:42) B4. “The Show” […]

Jack Bruce and Friends ‎– I’ve Always Wanted to Do This (1980)

I’ve Always Wanted to Do This is an album by Scottish bassist/vocalist Jack Bruce, released in 1980 on Epic. The album is co-credited to “Friends” — an impromptu trio of jazz-funk players including keyboardist David Sancious and drummer Billy Cobham. Tracklist: A1. “Hit and Run” (3:36) A2. “Running Back” (3:51) A3. “Facelift 318” (3:18) A4. […]

Stephanie Mills ‎– Sweet Sensation (1980)

Sweet Sensation is the fourth album by American soul/pop vocalist Stephanie Mills, released in 1980 on 20th Century-Fox. Tracklist: A1. “Sweet Sensation” (4:30) A2. “Try My Love” (3:50) A3. “I Just Wanna Say” (6:10) A4. “Wish That You Were Mine” (4:33) B1. “D-A-N-C-I-N‘” (5:41) B2. “Still Mine” (5:33) B3. “Never Knew Love Like This Before” […]

GQ ‎– GQ Two (1980)

GQ Two is the second album by American soul/funk combo GQ, released in 1980 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. “Standing Ovation” (5:32) A2. “Is It Cool” (4:05) A3. “Someday (In Your Life)” (4:56) A4. “Lies” (5:19) B1. “GQ Down” (3:56) B2. “Don’t Stop This Feeling” (4:59) B3. “Reasons for the Seasons” (3:41) B4. “Sitting in the […]

Siouxsie and the Banshees ‎– Kaleidoscope (1980)

Kaleidoscope is the third album by English art-punk/mood rockers Siouxsie and the Banshees, released in 1980 on Polydor. The album is the first of three to feature ex-Magazine guitarist John McGeoch. Tracklist: A1. “Happy House” (3:52) A2. “Tenant” (3:41) A3. “Trophy” (3:19) A4. “Hybrid” (5:31) A5. “Clockface” (1:53) A6. “Lunar Camel” (3:02) B1. “Christine” (2:59) B2. […]

Judie Tzuke ‎– Sports Car (1980)

Sports Car is the second album by English vocalist/songwriter Judie Tzuke, released in 1980 on Rocket Records. Tracklist: A1. “Sportscar” (5:45) A2. “Nightline” (3:39) A3. “Chinatown” (4:42) A4. “Understanding” (3:51) B1. “The Choices You’ve Made” (4:11) B2. “The Rise of Heart” (4:55) B3. “Living on the Coast” (5:05) B4. “Molly” (3:08) B5. “Rain on the […]

Berlin Blondes ‎– Berlin Blondes (1980)

Berlin Blondes is the lone album by the namesake Scottish New Wave/modernist band, released in 1980 on EMI. Tracklist: A1. “Framework” A2. “Astro” A3. “Science” A4. “Romance” A5. “Trail to Istanbul” B1. “Secret Days” B2. “Mannequin” B3. “Neon Probe” B4. “Zero Song“ Credits: Backing Vocals – Drew McCulloch (B4) Bass – Nick Clark Drums – […]

Iron Maiden ‎– Iron Maiden (1980)

Iron Maiden is the self-titled debut album by the English heavy metal band, released in 1980 on EMI. “Phantom of the Opera” – Interlocking guitar/bass fugue in Aflat, landing in B, scaling upward, mutating into a sizzling, staccato HOTS-like figure over a syncopated drum pattern, alternated with a brisk ¾ gallop, settling in Fmin… Di’Anno […]

The New Age ‎– Neptuned (1980)

Neptuned is an album by American symphonic-rock band The New Age, released in 1980 on Microdot Records. Tracklist: I Ran A1. “I Ran” (2:57) A2. “Lost Horizons” (6:00) A3. “Be Aware” (4:07) A4. “Dreams” (4:05) Alpha Centaurus B1. “Alpha Centaurus” (10:27) B2. “Neptuned” (5:20) B3. “The Future” (7:10) Credits: Jordan Oliver [aka Larry Oliver] — […]

Colin Newman ‎– A-Z (1980)

A-Z is the debut solo album by English New Wave/art-pop musician Colin Newman, released in 1980 on Beggars Banquet. Produced by Wire fifth-wheel Mike Thorne and retaining that band’s drummer, the album serves as a musical continuation of Chairs Missing and 154. Tracklist: A1. “I’ve Waited Ages” (5:07) A2. “& Jury” (2:47) A3. “Alone” (3:57) […]

MX-80 Sound ‎– Out of the Tunnel (1980)

Out of the Tunnel is the second album by American avant-garde/art-punk band MX-80 Sound, released in 1980 on Ralph Records. Tracklist: A1. “It’s Not My Fault” (3:27) A2. “Follow That Car” (4:16) A3. “Fender Bender” (4:17) A4. “I Walk Among Them” (3:14) A5. “Someday You’ll Be King” (3:32) B1. “Frankie I’m Sorry” (3:22) B2. “Gary […]

Porter Band ‎– Helicopters (1980)

Helicopters is an album by Polish hard-rockers the Porter Band, released in 1980 on Pronit. Tracklist: A1. “Ain’t Got My Music” (3:34) A2. “Northern Winds” (4:22) A3. “Helicopters” (4:02) A4. “Garage” (3:04) A5. “Refill” (3:19) B1. “Life” (5:40) B2. “I’m Just a Singer” (3:32) B3. “Crazy, Crazy, Crazy” (4:40) B4. “Newyorkicity” (4:01) Credits: Leszek Chalimoniuk — […]

Kate Bush ‎– Never for Ever (1980)

Never for Ever is the third album by English vocalist/songwriter/performance artist Kate Bush, released in 1980 on EMI. “Violin”- Open cadence Dmajor power chord sustain, drops to G and back amid searing violin (Kevin Burk, Bothy Band, reminding somewhat of Graham Smith on the later Van Der Graaf material) Straight into lyrics @ six seconds […]

The Police ‎– Zenyatta Mondatta (1980)

Zenyatta Mondatta is the third album by English New Wave/reggae-rock trio The Police, released in 1980 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” (4:04) A2. “Driven to Tears” (3:20) A3. “When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around” (3:38) A4. “Canary in a Coalmine” (2:26) A5. […]

Yukihiro Takahashi ‎– Murdered by the Music (1980)

Murdered by the Music is the second solo by Japanese musician Yukihiro Takahashi, released in 1980 on Seven Seas. In 1982, the album was given a U.K. issue on Statik with a slightly revised tracklist. The drummer is joined on this release by YMO cohorts Ryuichi Sakamoto and Haruomi Hosono in addition to jazz-rock guitarist […]

Os Borges ‎– Os Borges (1980)

Os Borges is an album by the namesake Brazilian samba/jazz-pop band, released in 1980 on Odeon. Tracklist: A1. “Em Família” (4:03) A2. “Carona” (2:53) A3. “Voa, Bicho” (3:50) A4. “Um Sonho na Correnteza” (3:08) A5. “Ainda” (3:29) A6. “O Sapo” (2:20) B1. “Eu Sou Como Você É” (3:41) B2. “Outro Cais” (2:03) B3. “No Tom […]

Igra Staklenih Perli ‎– Vrt Svetlosti (1980)

Vrt Svetlosti is the second album by Yugoslavian space-rock combo Igra Staklenih Perli, released in 1980 on RTB. Tracklist: A1. “Igrač” (10:10) A2. “Čarobnjaci” (7:20) B1. “Vrt svetlosti” (9:23) B2. “Lunarni modus” (3:42) B3. “Sanjaš” (4:43) Credits: Bass [Electric] – Boba Trbojević Drums – Dragan Šoć Guitar – Vojkan Rakić Keyboards, Vocals – Zoran Lakić […]

Lion – Running All Night (1980)

Running All Night is the first and only album by English/American hard-rock supergroup Lion, released in 1980 on A&M.   Tracklist: A1. “Summer Ghosts” (3:36) A2. “Cold Sheets (Winters in New York)” (4:22) A3. “Running All Night With the Lion” (4:27) A4. “Get Here Woman” (4:19) B1. “Helpless” (4:29) B2. “How Does It Feel” (3:48) […]

Light of the World ‎– Round Trip (1980)

Round Trip is the second album by English soul-funk combo Light of the World, released in 1980 on Ensign. Tracklist: A1. “Time” (4:21) A2. “London Town” (4:31) A3. “I Shot the Sheriff” (5:11) A4. “I’m So Happy” (4:25) A5. “More of Myself” (2:47) B1. “Visualise Yourself (And Your Mind)” (4:27) B2. “Painted Lady” (4:36) B3. […]

Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls ‎– Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls (1980)

Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls is the singular album recorded by ex-Penetration vocalist Pauline Murray with her New Wave/modern-rock backing band the Invisible Girls. The album was released in 1980 on RSO. Tracklist: A1. “Screaming in the Darkness” (3:36) A2. “Dream Sequence 1” (3:19) A3. “European Eyes” (3:20) A4. “Shoot You Down” (2:07) A5. […]

Novela ‎– In the Night (1980)

In the Night is the second album by Japanese symphonic-rock band Novela, released in 1980 on Nexus. Tracklist: A1. “Novella In The Night” (5:37) A2. “Farewell” (3:44) A3. “Masks” (2:41) A4. “The Manor Of Count Hydra” (5:33) B1. “Reminiscence” (16:56 — :01–6:58–16:54) B2. “Little Dreamer” (2:18) Credits: Terutsugu Hirayama — guitar, vocals Toshio Egawa — […]

Diana Ross ‎– Diana (1980)

Diana is the tenth solo studio album by American vocalist/entertainer Diana Ross, produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards and released in 1980 on Motown. Tracklist: A1. “Upside Down” (4:05) A2. “Tenderness” (3:50) A3. “Friend to Friend” (3:19) A4. “I’m Coming Out” (5:23) B1. “Have Fun (Again)” (5:57) B2. “My Old Piano” (3:57) B3. “Now […]

Luba ‎– Chain Reaction (1980)

Chain Reaction is the debut album by Canadian modern-rockers Luba, the namesake band of Quebecois vocalist Luba Kowalchyk. The album was released in 1980 on Parlophone. Tracklist: A1. “Seems Like a Dream” A2. “Chain Reaction” A3. “Runaround” A4. “I Stand Alone” A5. “Lookin’ at Love” B1. “Heaven in Your Eyes” B2. “Stay” B3. “Have a Heart” […]

Ultravox ‎– Vienna (1980)

Vienna is the fourth album by English art rock/New Wave band Ultravox, released in 1980 on Chrysalis Records. Tracklist: A1. “Astradyne” (7:07) A2. “New Europeans” (4:00) A3. “Private Lives” (4:06) A4. “Passing Strangers” (3:49) A5. “Sleepwalk” (3:10) B1. “Mr. X” (6:33) B2. “Western Promise” (5:44) B3. “Vienna” (4:52) B4. “All Stood Still” (4:23) B-side: “Passionate Reply” […]

Genesis ‎– Duke (1980)

Duke is the tenth studio album by English symphonic-rock trio Genesis, released in 1980 on Charisma/Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Behind the Lines” Banks, Collins, Rutherford (5:31) A2. “Duchess” Banks, Collins, Rutherford (6:40)* A3. “Guide Vocal” Banks (1:18) A4. “Man of Our Times” Rutherford (5:35) A5. “Misunderstanding” Collins (3:11)# A6. “Heathaze” Banks (5:00) B1. “Turn It On […]

Gary Numan ‎– Telekon (1980)

Telekon is the fourth album by Gary Numan, released in 1980 on Beggars Banquet/Atco. Tracklist (US version): A1. “This Wreckage” (5:26) A2. “The Aircrash Bureau” (5:41) A3. “Telekon” (4:29) A4. “Remind Me to Smile” (4:03) A5. “I Die: You Die” (3:47)* B1. “I’m an Agent” (4:19) B2. “I Dream of Wires” (5:10) B3. “Remember I […]

Cliff Richard ‎– I’m No Hero (1980)

I’m No Hero is a studio album by Cliff Richard, released in September 1980 on EMI Records. It was the first of Richard’s two consecutive albums produced by Alan Tarney, who wrote eight of the ten songs. Tarney wrote Cliff’s prior hit “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” a UK #1 that consolidated the singer’s career renaissance […]

Joe Jackson Band ‎– Beat Crazy (1980)

Beat Crazy is the third album by English musician/vocalist Joe Jackson, released in 1980 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “Beat Crazy” (4:16) A2. “One to One” (3:21) A3. “In Every Dream Home (A Nightmare)” (4:32) A4. “The Evil Eye” (3:46) A5. “Mad at You” (6:00) B1. “Crime Don’t Pay” (4:26) B2. “Someone Up There” (3:47) B3. […]

Fred Frith ‎– Gravity (1980)

Gravity is the first proper solo album by English avant-garde guitarist/composer Fred Frith, released in 1980 on Ralph Records. Tracklist: A1. “The Boy Beats the Rams (Kluk tluče berany)” (4:54) A2. “Spring Any Day Now” (3:04) A3. “Don’t Cry for Me” (3:28) A4. “Hands of the Juggler” (5:31) A5. “Norrgården Nyvla” (2:54) A6. “Year of the […]

Zamla Mammaz Manna ‎– Familjesprickor = Family Cracks (1980)

Familjesprickor is the sixth album by Swedish avant-garde/instrumental rock ensemble Zamla Mammaz Manna, released in 1980 on Silence. The album is the band’s second to use the letter Z in lieu of S in the nameplate. Tracklist: A1. “Fem holmgångar” (5:53) A2. “Ventilationskalkyl” (5:06) A3. “Smedjan” (5:11) A4. “Trälen” (5:08) B1. “Den flämtande novellen” (3:53) B2. […]

The Cars ‎– Panorama (1980)

Panorama is the third album by American New Wave/modern-rock band The Cars, released in 1980 on Elektra. Tracklist: A1. “Panorama” (5:42) A2. “Touch and Go” (4:55) A3. “Gimme Some Slack” (3:32) A4. “Don’t Tell Me No” (4:00) A5. “Getting Through” (2:35) B1. “Misfit Kid” (4:30) B2. “Down Boys” (3:09) B3. “You Wear Those Eyes” (4:55) […]

Al Jarreau ‎– This Time (1980)

This Time is the fourth studio album by American jazz-pop/soul singer Al Jarreau, released in 1980 on Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Never Givin’ Up” (3:58) A2. “Gimme What You Got” (3:45) A3. “Love Is Real” (4:26) A4. “Alonzo” (5:26) A5. “(If I Could Only) Change Your Mind” (4:17) B1. “Spain (I Can Recall)” (6:32) B2. […]

Dalek I ‎– Compass Kum’pas (1980)

Compass Kum’pas is the first and only album from the original formation of Liverpudlian electro/art-pop duo Dalek I, released in 1980 on Phonogram-subsidiary Back Door. Tracklist: A1. “The World” (2:27) A2. “8 Track” (2:51) A3. “Destiny (Dalek I Love You)” (3:40)* A4. “A Suicide” (2:54) A5. “The Kiss” (2:00) A6. “Trapped” (4:00) A7. “Two Chameleons” […]

Jethro Tull ‎– A (1980)

A is the thirteenth studio album by English art-rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1980 on Chrysalis. Tracklist: A1. “Crossfire” (3:51) A2. “Flyingdale Flyer” (4:27) A3. “Working John, Working Joe” (5:01) A4. “Black Sunday” (6:33) B1. “Protect and Survive” (3:22) B2. “Batteries Not Included” (3:47) B3. “Uniform” (3:30) B4. “4.W.D. (Low Ratio)” (3:37) B5. “The […]

Random Hold ‎– Etceteraville (1980)

Etceteraville is a U.S.-only album by English New Wave/art-rockers Random Hold, produced by Peter Hammill and released in 1980 on Passport. The album collects three tracks from the concurrent U.K. Polydor release The View From Here, three cuts from the band’s 1979 self-titled EP, one b-side, and two songs unique to this release. Tracklist: A1. “What […]

Magazine ‎– The Correct Use of Soap (1980)

The Correct Use of Soap is the third album by Mancunian maximalist rockers Magazine, released in 1980 on Virgin. Tracklist: A1. “Because You’re Frightened” (3:54) A2. “Model Worker” (2:54) A3. “I’m a Party” (3:01) A4. “You Never Knew Me” (5:24) A5. “Philadelphia” (3:54) B1. “I Want to Burn Again” (5:16) B2. “Thank You (Falettinme Be […]

BB Gabor ‎– BB Gabor (1980)

BB Gabor is the first of two albums by the namesake Hungarian/Canadian pop/rock musician/songwriter, released in 1980 on Anthem. Tracklist: A1. “Metropolitan Life” (2:41) A2. “Consumer” (2:48) A3. “Soviet Jewellery” (2:38) A4. “Laser Love” (4:10) A5. “Moscow Drug Club” (4:25) B1. “Underground World” (3:09) B2. “All the Time” (5:06) B3. “Hunger, Poverty & Misery” (3:46) […]

Saga – Silent Knight (1980)

Silent Knight is the third album by Canadian symphonic/hard-rockers Saga, released in 1980 on Maze/Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “Don’t Be Late (Chapter Two)” (6:02) A2. “What’s It Gonna Be?” (4:27) A3. “Time to Go” (4:20) A4. “Compromise” (3:20) B1. “Too Much to Lose (Chapter Seven)” (4:38) B2. “Help Me Out” (5:50) B3. “Someone Should” (4:06) B4. […]

Visage ‎– Visage (1980)

Visage is the debut album by the namesake New Wave supergroup comprised of Ultravox and Magazine personnel and fronted by Blitz Club impresario Steve Strange. Forwarded by the singles “Tar” and the Euro smash “Fade to Grey,” the album was released in November 1980 on Polydor. Computer programming is done by ex-Easy Street drummer and Landscape […]

White Spirit ‎– White Spirit (1980)

White Spirit is the lone album by the namesake English hard-rock/metal band, released in 1980 on MCA. Tracklist: A1. “Midnight Chaser” (5:18) A2. “Red Skies” (4:59) A3. “High Upon High” (4:28) A4. “Way of the Kings” (4:46) B1. “No Reprieve” (4:41) B2. “Don’t Be Fooled” (5:27) B3. “Fool for the Gods” (10:08) 1980 shortplayers: A. […]

The Selecter ‎– Too Much Pressure (1980)

Too Much Pressure is the first of two albums by English Two Tone/ska septet The Selecter, released in 1980 on 2 Tone/Chrysalis. The American issue shuffles the track order and adds the 1979 single a-side “On My Radio.” Tracklist: A1. “Three Minute Hero” (3:00) A2. “Everyday” (3:10) A3. “They Make Me Mad” (2:47) A4. “Missing […]

Adam and the Ants ‎– Kings of the Wild Frontier (1980)

Kings of the Wild Frontier is the second album by Adam and the Ants, released in 1980 on CBS/Epic. Tracklist: A1. Dog Eat Dog (3:05) A2. Antmusic (3:26) A3. Feed Me to the Lions (2:53) A4. Los Rancheros (3:22) A5. Ants Invasion (3:13) A6. Killer in the Home (4:06) B1. Kings of the Wild Frontier […]

Eskaton ‎– Ardeur (1980)

Ardeur is the first-released/second-recorded album by French Zeuhl ensemble Eskaton, self-released in 1980 with the catalog number E 38001. Tracklist: A1. “Ardeur” (2:30) A2. “Couvert de gloire” (4:25) A3. “Attente” (6:45) A4. “Eskaton” (5:58) B1. “Un certain passage” (6:53) B2. “Pierre et l’ange” (4:03) B3. “Dagon” (10:09) CD bonus tracks: 8. “Le chant de la […]

Earth, Wind & Fire ‎– Faces (1980)

Faces is the tenth studio album by American soul/funk ensemble Earth, Wind & Fire, released in 1980 on CBS/Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Let Me Talk” (4:08) A2. “Turn It Into Something Good” (3:53) A3. “Pride” (4:02) A4. “You” (5:09) B1. “Sparkle” (3:51) B2. “Back on the Road” (3:33) B3. “Song in My Heart” (4:18) B4. “You […]

Sherbs ‎– The Skill (1980)

The Skill is the first of two albums by reformed Australian rockers Sherbet under the truncated nameplate the Sherbs, released in 1980 on Festival. In this new iteration, the band abscond the LRB-style pop/rock/soul of earlier output for a modernist, synth-laden tightness akin to Icehouse. Tracklist: A1. “I Have the Skill” (3:46) A2. “Back to […]