Peter Hammill ‎– Fool’s Mate (1971)

Fool’s Mate is the debut solo album by musician/vocalist Peter Hammill, released in 1971 on Charisma. Tracklist: A1. “Imperial Zeppelin” (3:38) A2. “Candle” (4:17) A3. “Happy” (2:36) A4. “Solitude” (4:58) A5. “Vision” (3:15) A6. “Re-Awakening” (3:57) B1. “Sunshine” (4:00) B2. “Child” (4:25) B3. “Summer Song (In the Autumn)” (2:13) B4. “Viking” (4:43) B5. “The Birds” […]

Joni Mitchell – Blue (1971)

Blue is the fourth album by Canadian singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, released in 1971 on Reprise. Tracklist: A1. “All I Want” (3:32) A2. “My Old Man” (3:33) A3. “Little Green” (3:25) A4. “Carey” (3:00) A5. “Blue” (3:00) B1. “California” (3:48) B2. “This Flight Tonight” (2:50) B3. “River” (4:00) B4. “A Case of You” (4:20) B5. “The […]

Gravy Train – (A Ballad of) A Peaceful Man (1971)

(A Ballad of) A Peaceful Man is the second album by English hard-rock/folk band Gravy Train, released in 1971 on the Vertigo “swirl” label. The album was produced by Jonathan Peel — not to be confused with the namesake DJ — with string arrangements by Nick Harrison, who provided a similar service on contemporaneous albums […]

Miles Davis – A Tribute to Jack Johnson (1971)

A Tribute to Jack Johnson is the third studio album from the electric phase of American jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, released in 1971 on CBS/Columbia. Tracklist: A. “Right Off” (26:53) B. “Yesternow” (25:34) Credits: Miles Davis — trumpet, composer Steve Grossman — soprano saxophone John McLaughlin — electric guitar Herbie Hancock — organ Michael Henderson […]

Isaac Hayes – Shaft (1971)

Shaft is the fifth album by American R&B musician/vocalist Isaac Hayes, originally released as a double LP in August 1971 on Enterprise/Stax. The album serves as the soundtrack to the MGM motion picture of the same name. Tracklist: A1. “Theme From Shaft (Vocal)” (4:37) A2. “Bumpy’s Lament” (1:49) A3. “Walk From Regio’s” (2:22) A4. “Ellie’s […]

Isaac Hayes – Black Moses (1971)

Black Moses is the sixth album by American R&B musician/vocalist Isaac Hayes, released in November 1971 on Enterprise/Stax. Like its predecessor, the album originally appeared as a double-LP set. Tracklist: A1. “Never Can Say Goodbye” Clifton Davis (5:07) A2. “(They Long to Be) Close to You” Burt Bacharach, Hal David (8:58) A3. “Nothing Takes the […]

Curtis Mayfield – Roots (1971)

Roots is the second solo album by Chicago soul/funk musician/vocalist Curtis Mayfield, released in 1971 on Curtom. Tracklist: A1. “Get Down” (5:45) A2. “Keep On Keeping On” (5:08) A3. “Underground” (5:15) A4. “We Got to Have Peace” (4:44) B1. “Beautiful Brother of Mine” (7:23) B2. “Now You’re Gone” (6:50) B3. “Love to Keep You in My […]

Burnin Red Ivanhoe ‎– W. W. W. (1971)

W. W. W. is the third album by Danish jazz-rock/psych band Burnin Red Ivanhoe, released in 1971 on Sonet. Tracklist: A1. “Second Floor, Croydon” (8:25) A2. “W.W.W.” (6:05) A3. “Avez-vous Kaskelainen?” (4:40) B1. “Kaske-vous Karsemose” (4:40) B2. “All About All” (4:10) B3. “Oblong Serenade” (6:15) B4. “Cucumber Porcupine” (5:15) Credits: Bass, Percussion – Jess Staehr […]

Arc ‎– … At This (1971)

… At This is the singular autonomous album by English art-rock foursome ARC, released in 1971 on Decca. The band would release one further album, Bell + Arc, later that year in collaboration with former Skip Bifferty colleague Graham Bell. Tracklist: A1. “Let Your Love Run Through” (4:53) A2. “It’s Gonna Rain” (4:06) A3. “Four Times […]

David Bowie ‎– Hunky Dory (1971)

Hunky Dory is the fourth album by English vocalist/songwriter David Bowie, released in 1971 on RCA. Tracklist: A1. “Changes” (3:37) A2. “Oh You Pretty Things” (3:12) A3. “Eight Line Poem” (2:55) A4. “Life on Mars” (3:54) A5. “Kooks” (2:53) A6. “Quicksand” (5:06) B1. “Fill Your Heart” (3:07) B2. “Andy Warhol” (3:56) B3. “Song for Bob […]

Genesis ‎– Nursery Cryme (1971)

Nursery Cryme is the third album by English symphonic-rock quintet Genesis, released in 1971 on Charisma. Tracklist: A1. “The Musical Box” (10:28) A2. “For Absent Friends” (1:46) A3. “The Return of the Giant Hogweed” (8:12) B1. “Seven Stones” (5:10) B2. “Harold the Barrel” (2:59) B3. “Harlequin” (2:56) B4. “The Fountain of Salmacis” (7:55) Credits: Tony […]

Gracious ‎– This Is…Gracious!! (1971)

This Is…Gracious!! is the second album by English symphonic-rock band Gracious, released in 1971 on Philips. Tracklist: A. “Super Nova” (24:59 –a. Arrival of the Traveller –b. Blood Red Sun –c. Say Goodbye to Love –d. Prepare to Meet Thy Maker B1. “C.B.S.” (7:07) B2. “Once on a Windy Day” B3. “Blue Skies and Alibis” […]

Jack Bruce ‎– Harmony Row (1971)

Harmony Row is the third solo album by Scottish musician/composer Jack Bruce, released in 1971 on Polydor/Atco. Tracklist: A1. “Can You Follow?|” (1:27) A2. “Escape to the Royal Wood (On Ice)” (3:38) A3. “You Burned the Tables on Me” (3:41) A4. “There’s a Forest” (1:42) A5. “Morning Story” (4:46) A6. “Folk Song” (4:06) B1. “Smiles […]

James Gang ‎– Thirds (1971)

Thirds is the third album by American hard-rock/art-rock band the James Gang, released in 1971 on ABC. Tracklist: A1. “Walk Away” (3:32) A2. “Yadig?” (2:30) A3. “Things I Could Be” (4:18) A4. “Dreamin’ in the Country” (2:57) A5. “It’s All the Same” (4:10) B1. “Midnight Man” (3:28) B2. “Again” (4:04) B3. “White Man / Black Man” […]

Jethro Tull ‎– Aqualung (1971)

Aqualung is the fourth album by English hard-rock/folk-rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1971 on Chrysalis. Tracklist: Aqualung A1. “Aqualung” (6:35) A2. “Cross-Eyed Mary” (4:10) A3. “Cheap Day Return” (1:25) A4. “Mother Goose” (3:55) A5. “Wond’ring Aloud” (1:57) A6. “Up to Me” (3:16) My God B1. “My God” (7:14) B2. “Hymn 43” (3:21) B3. “Slipstream” […]

Led Zeppelin ‎– IV [Zoso] (1971)

Led Zeppelin IV — alternately known as Zoso — is the fourth album by English hard-rock band Led Zeppelin, released in 1971 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Black Dog” (4:55) A2. “Rock and Roll” (3:40) A3. “The Battle of Evermore” (5:38) A4. “Stairway to Heaven” (7:55) B1. “Misty Mountain Hop” (4:39) B2. “Four Sticks” (4:49) B3. […]

IF ‎– If 3 (1971)

If 3 is the third album by English sax-rock ensemble If, released in 1971 on United Artists/Capitol. Tracklist: A1. “Fibonacci’s Number” (7:38) A2. “Forgotten Roads” (4:23) A3. “Sweet January” (4:30) A4. “Child of Storm” (3:39) B1. “Far Beyond” (4:57) B2. “Seldom Seen Sam” (4:50) B3. “Upstairs” (4:42) B4. “Here Comes Mr. Time” (4:43) Credits: John […]

Pink Floyd ‎– Meddle (1971)

Meddle is the fifth proper album by English space-rock band Pink Floyd, released in 1971 on Harvest. Tracklist: A1. “One of These Days” (5:57) A2. “A Pillow of Winds” (5:11) A3. “Fearless” (6:09) A4. “San Tropez” (3:44) A5. “Seamus” (2:16) B. “Echoes” (23:32) Credits: Roger Waters — bass guitar, fretless bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, slide […]