Mike Absalom

Mike Absalom is an English singer/songwriter and guitarist who released an album on Sportsdisc in 1965, followed by a second on Saydisc in 1969. In 1971, he released a self-titled album on the Vertigo “swirl” label with an uncharacteristic cover by Yes/Osibisa/Uriah Heep illustrator Roger Dean. Absalom’s fourth album, Hector and Other Pecadillos, appeared on Philips in 1972.


  • Mighty Absalom Sings Bathroom Ballads (1965)
  • Save the Last Gherkin for Me! (1968)
  • Mike Absalom (1971)
  • Hector and Other Pecadillos (1972)
  • The Great Grombolian Connection (1978)
  • Self Portraits (2002)

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