Sutherland Brothers

The Sutherland Brothers were an English folk-rock duo from London that cut a pair of albums on Island in 1972, after which they merged with rustic-rockers Quiver for a run of five albums during the ensuing half-decade, switching to Columbia for the 1976/77 releases Slipstream and Down to Earth. The merged group initially featured bassist Bruce Thomas, who subsequently surfaced in Moonrider and ultimately scored a long-running gig in Elvis Costello‘s Attractions.

Members: Gavin Sutherland (guitar, vocals), Iain Sutherland (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Tim Renwick (guitar), Peter Wood (keyboards, 1973-75), John ‘Willie’ Wilson (drums), Bruce Thomas (bass, 1973-74)


  • The Sutherland Brothers Band (1972)
  • Lifeboat (1972)
  • Dream Kid (1973)
  • Beat of the Street (1974)
  • Reach for the Sky (1975)
  • Slipstream (1976)
  • Down to Earth (1977)

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