Gonzalez were an English Latin/soul-funk ensemble that released two albums on EMI in 1974 and 1975, followed by a trio of titles on Capitol between 1978 and 1980.

Members: Mick Eve (tenor saxophone), Roy Davies (keyboards), Ron Carthy (trumpet), Bud Beadle (flute, saxophone), Chris Mercer (tenor saxophone), Gordon Hunte (guitar), Carl Douglas (vocals, 1971-73), Lenny Zakatek (vocals), Steve Gregory (flute, saxophone), DeLisle Harper (bass), Glen LeFleur (drums), Alan Sharpe (percussion, viola), Richard Bailey (drums, percussion), Bobby John (percussion), George Chandler (vocals), Bobby Stignac (percussion), Larry Steele (bass), Robert Ahwai (guitar), Linda Taylor (vocals), Alan Marshall (vocals), Martin Drover (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals), Tim Cansfield (guitar), Hugh Bullen (bass), Jake Jacas (trombone), Sergio Castillo (drums), Trevor Murrell (drums), Kuma Harada (bass), Max Middleton (keyboards), Bobby Tench (vocals, guitar)


  • Gonzalez (1974)
  • Our Only Weapon Is Our Music (1975)
  • Shipwrecked (1978)
  • Move It to the Music (1979)
  • Watch Your Step (1980)

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