King Crimson ‎– Lizard (1970)

Lizard is the third album by English symphonic-rock band King Crimson, released in December 1970 on Island/Atlantic.

A1. “Cirkus (Including ‘Entry of the Chameleons’)” (6:28)
A2. “Indoor Games” (5:38)
A3. “Happy Family” (4:15)
A4. “Lady of the Dancing Water” (2:43)
B1. “a) Prince Rupert Awakes” (4:34)
B2. “b) Bolero – The Peacock’s Tale” (6:30)
B3. “c) The Battle of Glass Tears (Including ‘Dawn Song’ / ‘Last Skirmish’ / ‘Prince Rupert’s Lament’)” (10:55)
B4. “d) Big Top” (1:05)

Robert Fripp — guitar, devices, producer, writer, Mellotron, synthesizer, organ
Gordon Haskell — bass guitar, vocals
Mel Collins — saxophone, flute
Andy McCulloch — drums
Peter Sinfield — lyrics, art director, production, synthesizer

Keith Tippet — piano, electric piano
Robin Miller — oboe, cor anglais
Mark Charig — cornet
Nick Evans — trombone
Geoff Workman — assistant engineer
Robin Thompson — engineer
Gini Barris — cover art
Koraz Wallpapers — sleeve design
C.C.S. — typography
Jon Anderson — vocals (B1)

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