Ebonee Webb

Ebonee Webb were an American soul-funk band from Memphis that served as a backing act on two 1978/79 Japanese disco albums on the Seven Seas label. As a standalone unit, the band released two albums on Capitol Records between 1981 and 1983. Members: Charles Liggins, Chico, Gregg Davis, Kenneth Ray Coleman, Leon Thomas, Michael Winston, […]

Amazing Rhythm Aces

The Amazing Rhythm Aces were an American rustic-rock band from Memphis that released five albums on ABC between 1975 and 1979, followed by a sixth on Warner Bros. in 1980. Members: Russell Smith (guitar, vocals), Billy Earheart III (keyboards, organ, accordion, piano), James Hooker (keyboards, piano, vocals), Jeff “Stick” Davis (bass, vocals), Butch McDade (drums, […]

D. Beaver

D. Beaver were an American art-pop band from Memphis that released the album Combinations on RCA-subsidiary TMI Records in 1973. Members: David Beaver (vocals, keyboards), Tommy Cathey (bass, vocals), Jimi Jamison (vocals), Carl Marsh (woodwinds, horns), Paul Allen Taylor (guitar, backing vocals), Joel Williams (drums, percussion, guitar) Discography: Combinations (1973)


Edgewood were an American hard-rock/psych band from Memphis that released the album Ship of Labor on TMI Records in 1972. Members: David Beaver (vocals, keyboards), Pat Taylor (vocals, guitar), David Mayo (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Jim Tarbutton (guitar), Steve Spear (bass), Joel Williams (drums, percussion), Mike Bleecker (drums, percussion, 1970) Discography: Ship of Labor (1972)


Alamo were an American hard-rock band from Memphis that released a self-titled album on Atlantic in 1971. Members: Larry Raspberry (guitar), Richard Rosebrough (drums), Larry Davis [aka Larry Changes] (bass), Ken Woodley (keyboards, vocals) Discography: Alamo (1971)