Budgie ‎– Deliver Us from Evil (1982)

Deliver Us from Evil is the tenth and final studio album by Welsh hard rockers Budgie, released in 1982 on RCA.

A1. “Bored With Russia” (3:48)
A2. “Don’t Cry” (3:18)
A3. “Truth Drug” (4:21)
A4. “Young Girl” (2:15)
A5. “Flowers in the Attic” (5:08)
B1. “N.O.R.A.D. (Doomsday City)” (4:12)
B2. “Give Me the Truth” (4:10)
B3. “Alison” (3:24)
B4. “Finger on the Button” (3:59)
B5. “Hold On to Love” (4:16)

John Thomas — guitar
Burke Shelley — bass, vocals
Steve Williams — drums
Duncan Mackay — keyboards

Don Smith — producer, recording engineer, mixer
Andrew Christian — sleeve design
Gered Mankowitz — photography
John Shaw — portrait photography
Shoot That Tiger! — artwork

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