Mike Makhalemele

Mike Makhalemele (June 10, 1938 — May 6, 2000) was a South African saxophonist from Alexandra, Gauteng, who released the album The Peacemaker on Jo’Burg in 1975. During this period, he also appeared on albums by Margaret Singana, Teaspoon Ndelu, Richard Jon Smith, and The Soul of the City. In 1976, he collaborated with saxist Winston Mankunku Ngozi on the Jo’Burg release The Bull and the Lion, recorded with backing by three-fourths of Rabbitt. The two parties also teamed that year for the single “Come With Me” / “For You Only,” released under the name You and Me.

Between 1979 and 1990, Makhalemele released six solo titles on assorted labels and played on recordings by Juluka, Juicy, Mark Annandale, Star Mabaso, and Yvonne Chaka Chaka. Makhalemele’s sax-work also features on the track “Gumboots” on Paul Simon’s 1986 album Graceland.


  • The Peacemaker ‎(1975)
  • The Bull and the Lion ‎(1976, Mike Makhalemele & Winston Mankunku Ngoz)
  • Kabuzela ‎(1979)
  • Sunday Groovin’ ‎(1980)
  • Blue Mike ‎(1982)
  • Jika (1986)
  • Thabang (1990)
  • Mind Games (1990)
  • Searching (1997)

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