Gaznevada were an Italian New Wave band that debuted with a cassette release on Harper’s Music in 1979, followed by two albums with accompanying shortplayers on Italian Records between 1980 and 1984.

Members: Billy Blade [Alessandro Raffini] (vocals, saxophone, keyboards), Robert Squibb [Ciro Pagano] (guitar), Andrew Nevada [Giorgio Lavagna] (synthesizer, vocals, 1977-79), Bat Matic [Marco Dondini] (drums, backing vocals, 1977-83), Johnny Tramonta [Giampietro Hubert] (bass, 1977-79), Nico Gamma [Gianluca Galliani] (piano, synthesizer, keyboards, backing vocals), Gianni Cuoghi (drums, percussion, 1983-88), Chainsaw Sally [Marco Bongiovanni] (bass, sequencer, ?-1988)


  • Gaznevada (cassette, 1979)
  • Sick Soundtrack (1980)
  • Dressed to Kill (EP, 1981)
  • Psicopatico Party (1983)
  • Back to the Jungle (1985)
  • Strange Life (1988)

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