Sadistic Mika Band

Sadistic Mika Band was a Japanese art-pop/funk sextet that released three albums on Doughnut between 1973 and 1975. Their second and third albums — Black Ship (1974) and Hot! Menu (1975) — also got pressed on Harvest (UK/US). After the departure of singer Mika Kato and guitarist/singer Kazuhiko Kato, the remaining band shorted the name to Sadistics for three further albums on Invitation during the late 1970s.

Members: 加藤和彦 [Kazuhiko Kato] (guitar, synthesizer, vocals), 福井ミカ [Mika Fukui] (vocals), 高中正義 [Masayoshi Takanaka] (guitar, synthesizer, Mellotron), Rey Ohara (bass, marimba), 高橋幸宏 [Yukihiro Takahashi] (drums), Hiro Tsunoda (drums)

The Sadistic Mika Band was formed in Osaka in 1972 by the husband-and-wife team of guitarist Kazuhiko Katō and singer Mika Fukui.

Katō conceived the band earlier that year during a visit to London, where he soaked up the nascent glam scene of T. Rex, David Bowie, and Roxy Music. Back in Japan, he enlisted drummer Hiro Tsunoda and lead guitarist Masayoshi Takanaka. They cut one single, “Cycling Boogie” (b/w “Aurora Girl”), written and produced by Kato with words by Tsunoda. It was released in 1972 on Kato’s newly established self-press Doughnut.

In early 1973, Tsunoda exited and Kato hired drummer Yukihiro Takahashi and bassist Ray Ohara, who both played in the folk combo Buzz with Yukihiro’s older brother Nobuyuki Takahashi. The new five-piece recorded Sadistic Mika Band, released that May on Doughnut. It features nine songs written between Kato and outsider Takeshi Matsuyama, including “Galaxy Way,” “Citron Girl,” “I’m Sitting On the Edge of Ski,” and “Arienu Republic.” Mika contributed one number, “Silver Child.”


  • Sadistic Mika Band (1973)
  • 黒船 (Kurofune) [Black Ship] (1974 • サディスティック・ミカ・バンド)
  • Hot! Menu (1975)
  • Live in London (1976)
  • Sadistics (1977 • Sadistics)
  • We Are Just Taking Off (1978 • Sadistics)
  • Live Show (1979 • Sadistics)
  • 天晴 (Appare) (1989)


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