David Bowie ‎– “Heroes” (1977)

Heroes is the eleventh studio album by English musician/vocalist David Bowie, released in October 1977 on RCA.

A1. Beauty and the Beast (3:32)
A2. Joe the Lion (3:05)
A3. “Heroes” (6:07)
A4. Sons of the Silent Age (3:15)
A5. Blackout (3:50)
B1. V-2 Schneider (3:10)
B2. Sense of Doubt (3:57)
B3. Moss Garden (5:03)
B4. Neuköln (4:34)
B5. The Secret Life of Arabia (3:46)

David Bowie — vocals, keyboards, guitar, saxophone, koto, backing vocals, executive producer, writer
Carlos Alomar — rhythm guitar, writer
Dennis Davis — drums, percussion
George Murray — electric bass
Brian Eno — synthesizer, keyboards, treatments, writer
Robert Fripp — lead guitar

Antonia Maaß — backing vocals
Tony Visconti — backing vocals, producer, engineer

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