Steve Maxwell Von Braund

Steve Maxwell Von Braund is an Australian keyboardist and saxophonist who made the nation’s first electronic album, Monster Planet, released in 1975 on the experimental Clear Light of Jupiter label. Soon after, he formed Cybotron, a Kraut-inspired electronic combo that made three albums between 1976 and 1980. Background Steve Braund (b. 1947) grew up in […]

The Masters Apprentices

The Masters Apprentices were an Australian rock band from Adelaide that emerged as one of the nation’s premiere beat groups. They issued five singles and one album on Astor between 1966 and 1968, including the Aussie rock classics “Undecided,” “Wars or Hands of Time,” and “Elevator Driver.” After a change in lineup, they advanced into […]

James Taylor Move

The James Taylor Move was an Australian psychedelic rock band from Adelaide that issued two singles in 1967 on Festival Records, followed by a stint behind blues singer Wendy Saddington. Guitarist Kevin Peek and rhythm players Alan Tarney and Trevor Spencer moved to the UK, where they teamed with fellow Aussie Terry Britten in Quartet. […]


Blackfeather was an Australian post-psychedelic hard-rock band that released the 1971 Infinity album At the Mountains of Madness. Amid multiple lineup changes, they cut two standalone singles and the 1972–74 live albums Boppin’ the Blues and Live! (Sunbury). Members: John Robinson (guitar, 1970-71), Neale Johns (vocals, 1970-73, 1975-76, 1978, 1983), Leith Corbett (bass, 1970), Mike […]

The Easybeats

The Easybeats were an Australian rock band that released five albums between 1965 and 1969 and scored national hits with “Sorry,” “She’s So Fine,” “Wedding Ring,” and “Heaven and Hell.” Abroad, they charted with “St. Louis” and the sixties anthem “Friday On My Mind.” The creative team of Harry Vanda and George Young went into […]

Fanny Adams

Fanny Adams was a hard-rock/blues band comprised of Australian musicians based in London, England. Guitarist Vince Melouney was a founding member of the Aztecs and served in the 1967–68 lineup of the Bee Gees. Vocalist Doug Parkinson fronted the psych-rock band In Focus, which also included Welsh-born drummer Johnny Dick, who did prior stints in […]

Kahvas Jute

Kahvas Jute was an Australian post-psychedelic hard-rock band from Sydney that released the 1971 album Wide Open on Infinity Records. Members: Dennis D. Wilson (lead vocals, guitar, 1970-71, 1973-74), Bob Daisley (bass, harmony vocals, 1970-71), Tim Gaze (guitar, steel guitar, piano, vocals, 1970-71), Dannie Davidson (drums), Scott Maxey (bass, 1971, 1973-74), Peter Roberts (bass, 1974) […]


Sherbet was an Australian rock band from Sydney that released seven studio albums between 1972 and 1978 and scored hits with “Summer Love,” “Life,” “Howzat,” and “Magazine Madonna.” They made European inroads with the 1976–77 albums Howzat! and Photoplay (aka Magazine) and recorded their 1978 eponymous album (aka Highway 1) in Los Angeles. Sherbet disbanded […]


Pirana was an Australian Latin jam-rock band from Sydney that released the 1971–72 albums Pirana and Pirana II on Harvest. Members: Tony Hamilton (vocals, guitar), Stan White (keyboards, 1970-71), Keith Greig (keyboards, 1971-72), Jim Duke-Yonge (drums, percussion, 1970-73), Phil Hitchcock (bass, 1974), Andrew McCue (keyboards, flute, 1973), Richard McEwan (guitar, vocals, 1972), Paul Spetter (drums, […]


Spectrum was an Australian rustic-rock/jam band from Melbourne that debuted with the popular single “I’ll Be Gone” and the album Spectrum Part One on Harvest in 1971, followed by the double-album Milesago in 1972. A pair of live and studio releases on EMI in 1973 were co-credited to the band and their alter-ego the Incredible […]


Sun was an Australian jazz-rock-soul band from Sydney that released the album Sun 1972 on RCA Victor. Singer Renée Geyer launched a long-lasting solo career. Members: Renée Geyer (vocals, 1972), Keith Shadwick (saxophone, flute, clarinet, vocals), Chris Sonnenberg (guitar), George Almanza (piano), Henry Correy (bass), Garry Norwell (drums), Richard Clapton (vocals, 1972-73), Starlee Ford (vocals, […]

Tamam Shud

Tamam Shud was an Australian psych-rock band from Sydney that released the album Evolution on CBS in 1969, followed by Goolutionites and the Real People on Warner Bros. in 1970. Members: Bjerre (guitar, vocals), Peter Barron (bass), Dannie Davidson (drums, 1967-70), Tim Gaze (guitar, vocals, 1970-72, 1994-95), Bobby Gebert (keyboards, 1971), Richard Lockwood (saxophone, flute, […]

Tarney/Spencer Band

The Tarney–Spencer Band (alternately billed as Tarney & Spencer) was the Australian pop-rock duo of multi-instrumentalist Alan Tarney and drummer Trevor Spencer. They released a self-titled 1976 album on Bradley’s, followed by the 1978–79 A&M albums Three’s a Crowd and Run for Your Life. “No Time to Lose” remains an FM wildcard in select US […]

Tin Tin

Tin Tin was an Australian orchestral-pop combo that released the 1970–71 albums Tin Tin and Astral Taxi on Atco–Polydor. They charted with “Toast and Marmalade for Tea,” a psychedelic Bee Gees pastiche produced by Maurice Gibb. Singer–keyboardist Steve Kipner (ex-Steve & The Board) formed the Los Angeles trios Friends and Skyband. After his 1979 solo […]

The Twilights

The Twilights were an Australian beat sextet that released thirteen singles and two albums between 1965 and 1968 on Columbia (EMI). Their concept album Once Upon a Twilight evolved from a planned TV series. They included future Axiom–Little River Band singer Glenn Shorrock and guitarist–songwriter Terry Britten, who later wrote hits for Cliff Richard and […]


Bakery was an Australian post-psychedelic rock band from Perth that released two singles and performed on the 1971 Astor release Rock Mass for Love. In 1972, they released the lauded hard-rock album Momento. Members: Peter Walker (guitar), Mal Logan (keyboards, 1970), Hank Davis (drums, 1970-72), John Worrall (vocals, flute, 1970-72), Eddie McDonald (bass, 1970-72), Rex […]


McPhee was an Australian post-psychedelic hard rock band from Sydney that released a self-titled album in 1971 on Violet’s Holiday. Members: Faye Lewis (vocals, percussion), Tony Joyce (guitar), Jim Deverell (keyboards, vocals), Benny Kaika (bass), Terry Popple (drums) Background McPhee formed in Sydney in 1970 when guitarist Tony Joyce and Kiwi keyboardist Jim Deverell teamed […]


Mississippi was an Australian rustic harmony-rock band from Melbourne that released a self-titled album in 1972 on Bootleg. They cut three prior singles as Alison Gros, which masqueraded as Drummond on the 1971 novelty hit “Daddy Cool.” Guitarist–singer Graeham Gobel and post-album members Beeb Birtles (ex-Zoot) and Derek Pellicci achieved subsequent stardom in the Little […]

Madder Lake

Madder Lake was an Australian rock band that released the 1973–74 albums Still Point and Butterfly Farm and charted with “Goodbye Lollipop” and “12lb Toothbrush.” As one of the earliest clients of Aussie music mogul Michael Gudinski, they played at three Sunbury Pop Festivals and cut the first studio titles on Mushroom Records. Members: Mick […]


Tully was an Australian folk-psych band from Sydney that released a self-titled 1970 album on Columbia, followed by the 1971 Harvest album Sea of Joy and the posthumous collection Loving Is Hard. Members: Jon Blake (bass, 1968-69), Michael Carlos (keyboards), Richard Lockwood (flute, saxophone, clarinet, piano, 1968-72), Terry Wilson (vocals, guitar, flute, 1968-70), Robert Taylor […]

The Church

The Church are an Australian neo-psych band that released six albums and five EPs between 1981 and 1990 and scored international hits with “Constant In Opal,” “Columbus,” “Under the Milky Way,” and “Reptiles.” Members: Steve Kilbey (vocals, bass), Peter Koppes (guitar, vocals, 1980-92, 1995-present), Marty Willson-Piper (guitar, vocals, 1980-2013), Nick Ward (drums, 1980-81), Richard Ploog […]

MacKenzie Theory

MacKenzie Theory was an Australian jazz-rock band that released the 1973 album Out of the Blue on Mushroom, followed by the 1974 live recording Bon Voyage. Members: Rob MacKenzie (guitar), Cleis Pearce ([electric] viola), Peter Jones (keyboards, 1973-74), Mike Leadabrand (bass, 1971-73), Andy Majewski (drums, 1971-73), Greg Sheehan (drums, 1973-74), Paul Wheeler (bass, 1973-74) Background […]

Little River Band

The Little River Band was an Australian harmony rock band that released nine albums between 1975 and 1986 on Harvest and Capitol. They formed as super-group of players from popular Aussie acts (The Twilights, Zoot, Axiom, Mississippi). LRB was one of the first Aussie acts to conquer the Northern Hemisphere. They peaked in popularity with […]


Aleph were an Australian symphonic-rock band from Sydney that released the album Surface Tension on Atlantic in 1977. Alongside Chetarca, Sebastian Hardie, and Ragnarok, Aleph were front-runners in the antipodean response to the U.K. symphonic heavyweights of the era (Yes, Genesis, ELP, Camel). Members: Mary Jane Carpenter (keyboards), Ron Carpenter (drums), David Froggatt (guitar), Mary […]

Sebastian Hardie

Sebastian Hardie was an Australian symphonic-rock band from Sydney that released the 1975 album Four Moments on Polydor. Their 1976 second album, Windchase, inspired the subsequent band formed by guitarist/vocalist Mario Millo and keyboardist Toivo Pilt. Members: Graham Ford (guitar, 1967-73), Dennis Laughlin (vocals), Dave Waddington (vocals), John Bellamy (bass), Neil Williamson (organ), Richard Lillico […]


Chetarca was an Australian symphonic-rock band from Melbourne that released a self-titled album on WEA/Atlantic in 1975. Members: Paul Lever (lead vocals, harmonica, tambourine), Andrew Vance (keyboards, vocals), John Rees (bass, violin), Geoff Gallent (drums, percussion), Bruce Bryan (synthesizer) Chetarca emerged from the wreckage of Langford Lever, an unrecorded early ’70s Melbourne act. The new […]


Carson was an Australian blues-rock band from Melbourne that released two singles on the specialty labels Rebel and Havoc circa 1970/71, followed by two albums on Harvest in 1972 and 1973. Members: Broderick Smith (vocals, harmonica, 1971-73), Greg Lawrie (slide guitar, dobro), Tony Lunt (drums), … (piano, vocals, 1970), Tony Enery (piano, 1970), Paul Lever […]

Surprise Sisters

The Surprise Sisters were an Australian vocal group that first recorded as The Cliffmores. After moving to the UK, they changed their name and issued multiple singles and a 1976 self-titled album, charting with the Andy Fairweather Low cover “La Booga Rooga.” Members: Ellen Sutcliffe, Linda Sutcliffe, Patricia Sutcliffe, Susan Sutcliffe The Surprise Sisters comprised […]

The Expression

The Expression was an Australian new wave electro-pop band from Sydney that released two 1983–85 albums on Mushroom Records and charted with “With Closed Eyes.” Members: Dowling Neville (keyboard, vocals), Haran Tom (vocals, guitar, percussion), Henkenberg Bill (drums), Hopes Steve (drums), Lumsdaine Tim (bass), Manassah Stephen (bass), Slingerland Guy (drums), Wong-Yen Andrew (guitar) Background The […]

The Saints

The Saints were an Australian rock band from Brisbane that issued the 1976 punk single “I’m Stranded” on self-press Fatal, followed by the 1977–78 Harvest albums (I’m) Stranded, Eternally Yours, and Prehistoric Sounds. After a round of Eighties albums on New Rose Records, they scored a 1986 comeback with the Polydor release All Fools Day […]

The Triffids

The Triffids were an Australian underground rock band that released five albums between 1983 and 1989 on Mushroom. Members: David McComb (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Alsy MacDonald (drums, percussion, vocals, 1978-80, 1982-89), Phil Kakulas (guitar, vocals, 1978-79), Byron Sinclair (bass, 1978-79, 1982), Robert McComb (violin, guitar, backing vocals, 1979-89), Margaret Gillard (keyboards, 1979-82), Will […]

Samantha Sang

Samantha Sang (born Aug. 5, 1953) is an Australian singer and entertainer from Melbourne who released three albums between 1975 and 1979. Her duet with writer/producer Barry Gibb yielded the lush, calypso-flavored “Emotion” — one of the biggest global hits of 1978. Discography: Samantha Sang and Rocked the World (1975) Emotion (1978) From Dance to […]


Scandal were an Australian art-rock band from Adelaide that released a self-titled album on Mushroom Records in 1978. Members: Stuart Kerrison (vocals, percussion), Peter Watson (vocals, guitar, percussion), Chris Harriott (vocals, keyboards), Michael Smith (bass, vocals), Aldo Civitico (drums, percussion) Discography: Scandal (1978)

Men at Work

Men at Work were an Australian new wave band from St. Kilda that released three albums on CBS/Columbia between 1981 and 1985. Members: Colin Hay (vocals, guitar), Ron Strykert (bass, guitar, vocals, 1979-85), Greg Sneddon (keyboards, 1979), Jerry Speiser (drums, vocals, 1979-84), John Rees (bass, 1979-84), Greg Ham (saxophone, keyboards, vocals, flute, harmonica, 1979-85) Background […]

The Moodists

The Moodists were an Australian New Wave band from Melbourne that released two singles and an EP on Au-Go-Go Records circa 1981/82, followed by another round of shortplayers on Red Flame and T.I.M. between 1983 and 1987. The band’s only proper album, Thirsty’s Calling, appeared on Virgin in 1984. Members: Dave Graney (vocals), Steve Miller […]

Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures were an Australian pop-rock band from Sydney that was active between 1978 and 1987, releasing two studio albums in 1982 and 1983 on Wheatley. Members: Alex Smith (vocals), Garry Frost (guitar, keyboards, 1978-84), Andrew Thompson (saxophone), Charlie Cole (keyboards, trumpet), Ian Lees (bass), Paul Freeland (drums, 1978-83), Mark Meyer (drums, 1983-89), Joey Amenta […]

The Moirs

The Moirs were an Australian vocal trio comprised of Scottish-born sisters Jean, Margot, and Lesley Moir. In 1975, they released the album Lost – Somewhere Beyond Harmony as the Moir Sisters on EMI, followed in 1978 by the album State of Shock as The Moirs on Elton John‘s Rocket label. Members: Jean Moir (vocals), Margot […]


The Models were an Australian New Wave band from Melbourne that released five albums and numerous shortplayers on Mushroom between 1980 and 1986. Members: Sean Kelly (vocals, guitar), Peter Sutcliffe [Pierre Voltaire] (bass, 1978-79), Ash Wednesday (keyboards, 1978-79), Janis Friedenfelds [Johnny Crash] (drums, 1978-80), Mark Ferrie (bass, 1979-82), Andrew Duffield (keyboards, backing vocals, 1978-84), Buster […]

Mondo Rock

Mondo Rock were an Australian pop/rock supergroup that released the album Primal Park on Oz Records in 1979, followed by four albums on Atlantic/Avenue, WEA, and Polydor between 1981 and 1986. Members: Ross Wilson (vocals, harmonica), Peter Laffy (guitar, 1977-78), Ian Winter (guitar, 1977-78), Tony Slavich (keyboards, 1977-78), Chris Jones (bass 1977-78), Barry Sullivan (bass, […]

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John (Sept. 26, 1948 — Aug. 8, 2022) was an Australian singer, actress, and entrepreneur with a career in entertainment dating back to the late 1960s. During the mid-1970s, she achieved fame in the Northern Hemisphere with a series of country-pop albums and singles. In 1978, she conquered the big-screen in the iconic role […]

The Necks

The Necks are an Australian jazz/ambient/drone trio from Sydney that has released more than 20 albums since 1989, mostly on their own Fish of Milk imprint. Members: Chris Abrahams (piano, organ), Tony Buck (drums, percussion), Lloyd Swanton (bass) Discography: Sex (1989) Next (1990) Aquatic (1994) Silent Night (1996) The Boys (Music for the Feature Film) […]

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds are a goth-rock/cabaret ensemble formed in London circa 1983 by Australian vocalist/keyboardist Nick Cave. Between 1984 and 2008, the band released 17 albums on Mute Records, followed by a further round of discs on self-press Bad Seed in the 2010s. Members: Nick Cave (vocals, piano, organ, harmonica), Mick Harvey […]

The Nolan-Buddle Quartet

The Nolan-Buddle Quartet were an Australian jazz ensemble that released a self-titled album on M7 in 1976. That same year, keyboardist/co-leader Col Nolan released another album on that label with his own namesake quartet. Members: Col Nolan (keyboards), Errol Buddle (saxophone), Dieter Vogt (bass), Warren Daly (drums) Discography: Nolan – Buddle Quartet (1976)

Peter Harris

Peter Harris is an Australian pianist and songwriter from Tenterfield, NSW, who was primarily active during the mid-1970s. In 1975, a partnership with student David Madden yielded the album Fool’s Paradise on Jasmine Records. That same year, Harris released the album Ruby on the Ritz Gramophone label. Discography: Ruby (1975)

Peter Allen

Peter Allen — aka Peter Richard Woolnough (Feb. 10, 1944 — June 8, 1992) — was an Australian pianist, singer, composer, and showman, best known internationally through his songwriting partnership with Carole Bayer Sager that yielded hits for Melissa Manchester (“Don’t Cry Out Loud”), Rita Coolidge (“I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love”), and Christopher […]


Peak were an Australian electronic duo that released the album Ebondàzzar on their own Cement Records small-press in 1980. Three years later, the album was issued internationally on Klaus Schulze‘s Innovative Communication label. Members: Paul Fisher, Robert Reekes-Parsons Discography: Ebondàzzar (1980)

Pel Mel

Pel Mel were an Australian New Wave band from Newcastle, New South Wales, that released six singles and two albums on GaP Records between 1981 and 1983. Members: Graeme Dunne (guitar, bass, vocals), Judy McGee (saxophone, keyboards), Jane McGee (guitar, 1979-81), Glenn Hill (bass,1979-80), Lindsay O’Meara (bass, 1980-81), Craig Robertson (bass, 1981-?), Dave Weston (drums), […]

Pseudo Echo

Pseudo Echo were an Australian synthpop band from Melbourne that released three albums and numerous shortplayers on EMI between 1983 and 1988.  Members: Brian Canham (vocals, guitar), Pierre Pierre (bass), Tony Lugton (keyboards, 1982-84), Anthony Argiro (drums, 1983-85), James Leigh (keyboards, 1984-89), Vince Leigh (drums, 1985-89) Discography: Autumnal Park (1984) Love an Adventure (1985) Race […]


Pyramid were an Australian jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on East Recording Company in 1980, followed by Sunshower on ABC Records in 1983. Members: Roger McLachlan (bass), David Jones (drums), David Hirschfelder (keyboards), Bob Venier (trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion) Discography: Pyramid (1980) Sunshower (1983)


Tymepiece was an Australian rustic-rock band that cut two singles in 1968–69 on Festival Records, followed by the 1971 Infinity album Sweet Release. They evolved from Sydney beatsters The Black Diamonds. Members: Glenn Bland (vocals, harmonica), Joanne Goodman (vocals), Alan “Olly” Oloman (guitar, vocals), Brian “Felix” Wilkinson (organ, piano), Colin McAuley (drums), Darcy Rosser (bass) […]

The Sherbs

The Sherbs were an Australian modern-rock band that basically functioned as a revamped Sherbet, assembled in 1980 after a temporary disbandment during the prior year. Under the new nameplate, the band released two albums and an EP on Razzle between 1980 and 1982. Members: Daryl Braithwaite (vocals), Harvey James (guitar, 1980-82), Tony Mitchell (bass), Garth […]

Sid Rumpo

Sid Rumpo were an Australian blues-rock band from Perth that released the album First Offense on Mushroom in 1974. Members: Mick Elliot (guitar, vocals), Robert “Rob” Searls [aka Bob Seals] (guitar, vocals), Ken Wallace (piano, percussion), Noel Herridge (drums, percussion), Owen Hughes (bass), John Hood (guitar) Discography: First Offense (1974)


Skyhooks were an Australian pop-rock band from Melbourne that released five studio albums and a live set on Mushroom between 1974 and 1980. Members: Steve Hill (vocals, 1973-74), Shirley Strachan [aka Graeme Strachan] (vocals, 1974-78, 1983-94), Greg Macainsh (bass), Bob Starkie (guitar), Freddie Strauks (drums, percussion , backing vocals), Red Symons (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), […]

Snakes Alive

Snakes Alive were an Australian jazz-rock band from Sydney that self-released an eponymous album in 1975. Members: Colin Campbell (trumpet), Alex Ditrich (keyboards), Peter Nykyruj (drums, percussion), Boris Peric (guitar), Jonas Thomas (saxophone, flute, vocals), Michael Vidale (bass) Discography: Snakes Alive (1975)

Southern Cross

Southern Cross were an Australian hard-rock band from Sydney that released a self-titled album on Laser in 1976. Members: Alan Milano (vocals), Michel Brouet (bass, vocals), Jeff Beacham (drums), John Baxter (guitar, 1975), Bruce Cumming (guitar, 1975-77) Discography: Southern Cross (1976) “Queen of Rock and Roll” / “Stormy Lady” (1977)

Terry Britten

Terry Britten (born July 1947) is an English-born musician, songwriter, and producer who first emerged as the guitarist of the Australian pop-rock band The Twilights during the mid-1960s. During the late 1970s, he rose to prominence in the Northern Hemisphere as a songwriter for Cliff Richard, penning the 1976 hit “Devil Woman” and most of […]


This page is about the Australian band named Taste. For the late ’60s Irish blues-rock trio headed by Rory Gallagher, click here. Taste were an Australian hard-rock band from Melbourne that released the album Tickle Your Fancy on Bootleg in 1976, followed by Knights of Love on Philips in 1977.  Members: Joel Witenberg (drums, vocals), […]

XL Capris

XL Capris were an Australian New Wave band from Sydney that released four singles and two albums on self-press Axle between 1979 and 1981. Members: Julie Anderson [aka Nancy Serapax] (drums, 1978-1980), Tim Gooding [aka Errol Cruz] (guitar, vocals), Johanna Pigott [aka Alligator Bagg] (bass vocals), Kimble Rendall [aka Dag Rattler] (guitar, vocals, 1978-1980). Michael […]


Zoot was an Australian rock band from Adelaide that released seven singles between 1968 and 1971 on Columbia. Bassist/vocalist Beeb Birtles later resurfaced in Mississippi and the Little River Band while guitarist/vocalist Rick Springfield relocated to the U.S., where he achieved fame as a singer and actor during the early 1980s. Members: Beeb Birtles (vocals, […]


Windchase were an Australian symphonic-rock band from Sydney that released the album Symphinity on Infinity in 1977. The project was a follow-through to Sebastian Hardie, picking up from that band’s 1976 sophomoric release Windchase. Guitarist/vocalist Mario Millo subsequently recorded as a solo artist. Members: Mario Millo (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, tubular bells), Toivo Pilt […]

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield (born Aug. 23, 1949) is an Australian singer, songwriter, and actor with a musical career that dates back to the late 1960s. He rose to prominence in his home country as one-fourth of the beat/psych combo Zoot. In 1972, Springfield moved to the U.S. and launched a solo career with back-to-back albums on […]


Extradition were an Australian folk-psych band from Sydney that released the album Hush on Sweet Peach in 1971. Members: Colin Campbell (guitar, dulcimer, viola, percussion), Richard Lockwood (flute, recorder, harpsichord, harmonium), Shayna Karlin (vocals, organ, palm leaf), Bo Lloyd (chimes, bells, tabla), Graham Lowndes (vocals) Discography: Hush (1971)

The Flaming Hands

The Flaming Hands were an Australian New Wave/synthpop band from Sydney that released three singles on Phantom Records circa 1980/81, followed by four singles on Big Time during the subsequent three-year period, culminating with a self-titled album in 1984. Members: Julie Mostyn (vocals), Jeff Sullivan (guitar), Paul Bryant (saxophone, vocals), Michael Hiron (drums), Steve Harris […]


Melissa were an Australian hard-rock/folk band from Sydney that released the album Midnight Trampoline on Festival-subsidiary Banner in 1971. Members: Robert Gunn (flute, vocals), Rick Barrett (guitar), Ken Frazier (bass, vocals, 1969-?), Warren “Wal” Spark (drums), Joe Creighton (vocals, ?-1972) Discography: Midnight Trampoline (1971)


Redhouse were an Australian hard-rock band from Geelong, VIC, that released the album One More Squeeze on EMI in 1976, followed by the single “Thank You” in 1977. Members: Malcolm Donnelly (guitar, vocals), John Ferguson (vocals, guitar), Jack Green (bass, ?-1977), Claude Ragone (drums), John Dallimore (guitar, vocals, 1975-78), Jacques De Jongh (guitar, 1975-76), Gary […]

The Ritz

The Ritz were an Australian art-rock band from Canberra, ACT, that released a standalone single on RCA-subsidiary Wolf Records in 1975, followed by the album A Diamond as Big as the Ritz on Mushroom in 1977. Members: George Bennett (drums, vocals), Alan Cook (keyboards), Peter Dodson (guitar, vocals), Richard Hauser (lead vocals), Steve Maughan (bass) […]


Lizard were an Australian sax-rock/blues band that released the album Bad Companions on Harvest in 1973. Members: Dave Connors (saxophone), Greg Hill (bass), Robert Souter (drums), Mich Tulk (guitar, vocals), John Wheeler (keyboards) Discography: Bad Companions (1973)

Johnny Rocco Band

The Johnny Rocco Band were an Australian jazz-funk ensemble from Sydney that released the album Rocco on the Ritz Gramophone Company in 1975. Members: Mark Punch (guitar, vocals, 1974-75), Tony Buchanan (saxophone), Tim Partridge (bass), Russell Dunlop (drums), Leo De Castro (vocals, 1974-76), Mick Kenny (keyboards, 1974-76), Harris Campbell (guitar, 1975-76) Discography: Rocco (1975)

The Ferrets

The Ferrets were an Australian rustic-pop band from Sydney that released two albums with accompanying singles on Mushroom during 1977 and 1978. Members: William “Billy” Miller (lead vocals, guitar), David Springfield (guitar, backing vocals), Philip Eizenberg (guitar, 1975-77), Kenneth Firth (bass, backing vocals, 1975-78), Pam Miller (backing vocals, 1976–77), Jane Miller (backing vocals, keyboards, 1976–78), […]


The Eurogliders were an Australian pop band from Perth that debuted with a self-pressed cassette in 1981, followed by the 1982 Mercury release Pink Suit Blue Day and a three-album run on CBS between 1984 and 1988. Members: Grace Knight (vocals), Bernie Lynch (guitar), Crispin Akerman (guitar, 1980-87), Amanda Vincent (keyboards, 1980-87), Don Meharry (bass, […]


Albatross were an Australian rustic-folk band from Sydney that released the album A Breath of Fresh Air on Reprise Records in 1973. Members: Peter Barron (bass), Kim Bryant (drums), Lindsay Bjerre [Bjerre] (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin), Simone Bjerre (bass, vocals, 1973), Richard Lockwood (saxophone, flute, clarinet, 1973) Discography: A Breath of Fresh Air (1973) Sources: […]


Atlas were an Australian hard-rock/blues band that released a self-titled album on Reprise Records in 1973. Members: Ronnie Charles (vocals), Les Gough (bass), Terry Slade (drums), Glen Turner (guitar) Discography: Atlas (1973)


Buffalo was an Australian hard-rock band from Sydney that released five albums on Vertigo between 1972 and 1977. Members: Dave Tice (vocals), John Baxter (guitar, 1971-75), Pete Wells (bass, 1971-76), Paul Balbi (drums, 1971-72), Alan Milano (vocals, 1971-72), Jimmy Economou (drums, 1972-77), Norm Roue (guitar, 1975), Colin Stead (guitar, 1975), Karl Taylor (guitar, 1975-76), Chris […]