The Masters Apprentices

The Masters Apprentices were an Australian rock band from Adelaide that emerged as one of the nation’s premiere beat groups. They issued five singles and one album on Astor between 1966 and 1968, including the Aussie rock classics “Undecided,” “Wars or Hands of Time,” and “Elevator Driver.” After a change in lineup, they advanced into […]

Surprise Sisters

The Surprise Sisters were an Australian vocal group that first recorded as The Cliffmores. After moving to the UK, they changed their name and issued multiple singles and a 1976 self-titled album, charting with the Andy Fairweather Low cover “La Booga Rooga.” Members: Ellen Sutcliffe, Linda Sutcliffe, Patricia Sutcliffe, Susan Sutcliffe The Surprise Sisters comprised […]


Aleph were an Australian symphonic-rock band from Sydney that released the album Surface Tension on Atlantic in 1977. Alongside Chetarca, Sebastian Hardie, and Ragnarok, Aleph were front-runners in the antipodean response to the U.K. symphonic heavyweights of the era (Yes, Genesis, ELP, Camel). Members: Mary Jane Carpenter (keyboards), Ron Carpenter (drums), David Froggatt (guitar), Mary […]

Sebastian Hardie

Sebastian Hardie was an Australian symphonic-rock band from Sydney that released the 1975 album Four Moments on Polydor. Their 1976 second album, Windchase, inspired the subsequent band formed by guitarist/vocalist Mario Millo and keyboardist Toivo Pilt. Members: Graham Ford (guitar, 1967-73), Dennis Laughlin (vocals), Dave Waddington (vocals), John Bellamy (bass), Neil Williamson (organ), Richard Lillico […]


Chetarca was an Australian symphonic-rock band from Melbourne that released a self-titled album on WEA/Atlantic in 1975. Members: Paul Lever (lead vocals, harmonica, tambourine), Andrew Vance (keyboards, vocals), John Rees (bass, violin), Geoff Gallent (drums, percussion), Bruce Bryan (synthesizer) Chetarca emerged from the wreckage of Langford Lever, an unrecorded early ’70s Melbourne act. The new […]


Carson were an Australian blues-rock band from Melbourne that released two singles on the specialty labels Rebel and Havoc circa 1970/71, followed by two albums on Harvest in 1972 and 1973. Members: Broderick Smith (vocals, harmonica, 1971-73), Greg Lawrie (slide guitar, dobro), Tony Lunt (drums), … (piano, vocals, 1970), Tony Enery (piano, 1970), Paul Lever […]

Fanny Adams

Fanny Adams were a hard-rock/blues band comprised of Australian musicians based in London, England. Guitarist Vince Melouney was a founding member of the Aztecs and served in the 1967–68 lineup of the Bee Gees. Vocalist Doug Parkinson had fronted his own psych-rock band In Focus, which also included Welsh-born drummer Johnny Dick, who did prior […]

The Saints

The Saints were an Australian rock band from Brisbane that issued the punk single “I’m Stranded” on self-press Fatal in 1976, followed by three albums on Harvest between 1977 and 1978. A further round of albums appeared on assorted labels during the 1980s, culminating with a second career-wind on Mushroom during the latter part of […]

Samantha Sang

Samantha Sang (born Aug. 5, 1953) is an Australian singer and entertainer from Melbourne who released three albums between 1975 and 1979. Her duet with writer/producer Barry Gibb yielded the lush, calypso-flavored “Emotion” — one of the biggest global hits of 1978. Discography: Samantha Sang and Rocked the World (1975) Emotion (1978) From Dance to […]


Scandal were an Australian art-rock band from Adelaide that released a self-titled album on Mushroom Records in 1978. Members: Stuart Kerrison (vocals, percussion), Peter Watson (vocals, guitar, percussion), Chris Harriott (vocals, keyboards), Michael Smith (bass, vocals), Aldo Civitico (drums, percussion) Discography: Scandal (1978)

Men at Work

Men at Work were an Australian New Wave/art-pop band from St. Kilda that released three albums on CBS/Columbia between 1981 and 1985. Members: Colin Hay (vocals, guitar), Ron Strykert (bass, guitar, vocals, 1979-85), Greg Sneddon (keyboards, 1979), Jerry Speiser (drums, vocals, 1979-84), John Rees (bass, 1979-84), Greg Ham (saxophone, keyboards, vocals, flute, harmonica, 1979-85) Discography: […]

The Moodists

The Moodists were an Australian New Wave band from Melbourne that released two singles and an EP on Au-Go-Go Records circa 1981/82, followed by another round of shortplayers on Red Flame and T.I.M. between 1983 and 1987. The band’s only proper album, Thirsty’s Calling, appeared on Virgin in 1984. Members: Dave Graney (vocals), Steve Miller […]

Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures were an Australian pop-rock band from Sydney that was active between 1978 and 1987, releasing two studio albums in 1982 and 1983 on Wheatley. Members: Alex Smith (vocals), Garry Frost (guitar, keyboards, 1978-84), Andrew Thompson (saxophone), Charlie Cole (keyboards, trumpet), Ian Lees (bass), Paul Freeland (drums, 1978-83), Mark Meyer (drums, 1983-89), Joey Amenta […]

The Moirs

The Moirs were an Australian vocal trio comprised of Scottish-born sisters Jean, Margot, and Lesley Moir. In 1975, they released the album Lost – Somewhere Beyond Harmony as the Moir Sisters on EMI, followed in 1978 by the album State of Shock as The Moirs on Elton John‘s Rocket label. Members: Jean Moir (vocals), Margot […]


The Models were an Australian New Wave band from Melbourne that released five albums and numerous shortplayers on Mushroom between 1980 and 1986. Members: Sean Kelly (vocals, guitar), Peter Sutcliffe [Pierre Voltaire] (bass, 1978-79), Ash Wednesday (keyboards, 1978-79), Janis Friedenfelds [Johnny Crash] (drums, 1978-80), Mark Ferrie (bass, 1979-82), Andrew Duffield (keyboards, backing vocals, 1978-84), Buster […]