Eddie Jobson / Zinc ‎– The Green Album (1983)

The Green Album is the debut solo longplayer by English art-rock violinist/keyboardist Eddie Jobson, released in 1983 on Capitol.

A1. “Transporter” (1:11)
A2. “Resident” (6:01)
A3. “Easy for You to Say” (4:07)
A4. “Prelude” (2:30)
A5. “Nostalgia” (2:27)
A6. “Walking From Pastel” (2:07)
A7. “Turn It Over” (4:15)
B1. “Green Face” (4:22)
B2. “Who My Friends…” (6:31)
B3. “Colour Code” (1:05)
B4. “Listen to Reason” (5:56)
B5. “Through the Glass” (6:03)
B6. “Transporter II” (0:22)

Eddie Jobson – keyboards, lead and backing vocals, electric violin, drum machine (A7), vocoder, production
Nick Moroch – guitar (A2,A3,B1,B2)
Michael Cuneo – guitar (A2,B2,B4, B5)
Gary Green – guitar (B4, B5)
Cary Sharaf – guitar (A7)
Jerry Watts – bass (A2,A5,B2,B4, B5)
Alon Oleartchik – bass (A3,A7,B1,B4)
Michael Barsimanto – drums (A2,A3,B1,B2,B4,B5)

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