Debra Laws ‎– Very Special (1981)

Very Special is the first of two solo albums recorded to date by American session vocalist Debra Laws, released in 1981 on Elektra. The album features instrumental contributions from her brothers Hubert and Ronnie Laws, who served as co-producers. Sister Eloise Laws provides backing vocals on the track “Long as We’re Together.” Tracklist: A1. “On My […]

Todd Rundgren – Healing (1981)

Healing is a 1981 album by Todd Rundgren, issued on Bearsville as a single LP with a bonus 7″. The material ranges from blue-eyed soul reminiscent of associates Hall & Oates (“Compassion”) to vocal/xylo jigsaw pieces in the vein of Gentle Giant (“Pulse”). Side two consists of a three-part electro-meditation suite. The Magritte-themed video for […]

Squeeze – East Side Story (1981)

East Side Story is the fourth album by English New Wave/pop-rock band Squeeze, released in 1981 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “In Quintessence” (2:54) A2. “Someone Else’s Heart” (3:00) A3. “Tempted” (4:00) A4. “Piccadilly” (3:27) A5. “There’s No Tomorrow” (3:29) A6. “Heaven” (3:49) A7. “Woman’s World” (3:43) B1. “Is That Love” (2:31) B2. “F-Hole” (4:41) B3. […]

The Cure – Faith (1981)

Faith is the third studio album by English goth-rockers The Cure, released in 1981 on Fiction Records. Tracklist: A1. “The Holy Hour” (4:25) A2. “Primary” (3:34)* A3. “Other Voices” (4:27) A4. “All Cats Are Grey” (5:26) B1. “The Funeral Party” (4:13) B2. “Doubt” (3:11) B3. “The Drowning Man” (4:48) B4. “Faith” (6:40) 1981 shortplayer sides: […]

Information – Information (1981)

Information is the first and only album by the namesake trio featuring German jazz-rock keyboardist Joachim Kühn and American percussionist Mark Nauseef. The album was released in 1981 on RCA Victor. Tracklist: A1. “The Informer” (5:23) A2. “Miles” (6:07) A3. “Dreamworld” (9:00) B1. “Gorilla Growl” (3:12) B2. “Dyslexia” (1:10) B3. “Come This Way” (2:51) B4. “Line […]

The Muffins – 185 (1981)

185 is the second and final proper album by Maryland avant-garde/jazz-rock band The Muffins, released in 1981 on Random Radar. On this album, the band adopted a more jagged, kinetic approach akin to New York’s then-brewing jazz-punk/No Wave scene. Several tracks feature the sundry instrumentation of Fred Frith, returning favors here for the band’s contributions […]

Free Wave System – Nonostante Tutto (1981)

Nonostante Tutto is the lone album by Italian jazz-rock quartet Free Wave System, released in 1981 on Drums Edizione Musicali. Tracklist: A1. “Oltre Il Tempo” A2. “Xenofobia” A3. “La Coda di Mr. Freeman” A4. “21/5/81” A5. “Flavours” B1. “Nonostante Tutto” B2. “Fonodipendenza Totale” B3. “Mia Zia Frenesia” B4. “Frammenti” (2:30–4:45) B5. “Soft Image“ Credits: Drums, […]

Fabio Frizzi – L’Aldila [OST] (1981)

L’Aldila is a soundtrack album by Italian composer Fabio Frizzi to a namesake supernatural horror movie. The album was released in 1981 by the Beat Records Company. Tracklist: A1. “Verso l’ignoto” (3:57) A2. “Voci dal nulla” (2:56) A3. “Suono aperto” (1:23) A4. “Seqenza coro e’orchestra” (4:32) A5. “Oltre la sogila” (4:02) B1. “Voci dal nulla” […]

Dr. Dopo Jam – Cruisin’ at Midnite (1981)

Cruisin’ at Midnite is the third and final album by Danish avant-garde/jazz-rock ensemble Dr. Dopo Jam, released in 1981 on Dopo-Di-Doo-Platts. Tracklist: A1. “Midnite Cruiser” A2. “Simultan” A3. “The Blue Blues” A4. “Sallamanna Kaboo” A5. “Hestekur” B1. “Concerto III Part I” B2. “Sneaky Snake” B3. “Hulga” B4. “Concerto III Part II” B5. “The Magic” B6. […]

Billy Squier – Don’t Say No (1981)

Don’t Say No is the second album by American hard-rock guitarist/singer Billy Squier, released in 1981 on Capitol. Tracklist: A1. “In the Dark” (4:08) A2. “The Stroke” (3:37) A3. “My Kinda Lover” (3:33) A4. “You Know What I Like” (2:56) A5. “Too Daze Gone” (4:03) B1. “Lonely Is the Night” (4:39) B2. “Whadda You Want […]

Paul Davis ‎– Cool Night (1981)

Cool Night is the seventh and final album by American singer/songwriter Paul Davis, released in 1981 on Arista. On this release, the one-time country crooner completes his transition into modernized pop/rock with arrangements and production touches similar to Cliff Richard’s contemporaneous sound on I’m No Hero and Wired for Sound. Tracklist: A1. “Cool Night” (3:34) […]

Terpandre ‎– Terpandre (1981)

Terpandre is the lone album by the namesake French symphonic-rock band, recorded in 1978 and released in 1981 on Dionysos. Tracklist: A1. “Le Temps” (7:00) A2. “Conte En Vert” (4:54) A3. “Anne Michaele” (5:23) B1. “Histoire D’Un Pecheur” (5:53) B2. “Caroussel” (13:20 — :01-1:02-4:00, 4:45-5:23-7:47-8:53-13:05) CD reissue bonus track: “Musique Pour Clair Obscur” (8:20) Credits: Bass […]

Balance ‎– Balance (1981)

Balance is the first of two albums by the namesake American melodic-rock band, released in 1981 on Epic/Portrait. Tracklist: A1. “(Looking For The) Magic” (3:57) A2. “I’m Through Loving You” (3:04) A3. “Breaking Away” (3:15) A4. “No Getting Around My Love” (3:52) A5. “Fly Through The Night” (3:58) B1. “American Dream” (4:18) B2. “Haunting” (3:50) B3. […]

Bee Gees ‎– Living Eyes (1981)

Living Eyes is the 16th chronological studio album by the Bee Gees, released in 1981 on RSO. Tracklist: A1. “Living Eyes” (4:16) A2. “He’s a Liar” (4:00) A3. “Paradise” (4:18) A4. “Don’t Fall in Love With Me” (4:12) A5. “Soldiers” (4:25) B1. “I Still Love You” (4:24) B2. “Wildflower” (4:23) B3. “Nothing Could Be Good” […]

Al Jarreau ‎– Breakin’ Away (1981)

Breakin’ Away is the fifth album by American jazz-pop/soul vocalist Al Jarreau, released in 1981 on Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Closer to Your Love” (3:57) A2. “My Old Friend” (4:29) A3. “We’re in This Love Together” (3:47) A4. “Easy” (5:26) A5. “Our Love” (3:53) B1. “Breakin’ Away” (4:13) B2. “Roof Garden” (6:21) B3. “(Round, Round, […]

John Entwistle ‎– Too Late the Hero (1981)

Too Late the Hero is the fifth solo album by Who bassist John Entwistle, released in 1981 on Atco. Tracklist: A1. “Try Me” (3:52) A2. “Talk Dirty” (4:05) A3. “Lovebird” (4:51) A4. “Sleepin’ Man” (3:54) A5. “I’m Coming Back” (3:57) B1. “Dancin’ Master” (4:22) B2. “Fallen Angel” (4:38) B3. “Love Is a Heart Attack” (5:10) […]

Carole Bayer Sager ‎– Sometimes Late at Night (1981)

Sometimes Late at Night is the third album by American industry songwriter/balladeer Carole Bayer Sager, co-produced by her then-fiancé Burt Bacharach and released in 1981 on Boardwalk. The couple co-wrote most of the songs with additional input on select cuts by Bruce Roberts, Neil Diamond, and Peter Allen. Tracklist: Prologue (0:30) A1. “I Won’t Break” […]

Change ‎– Miracles (1981)

Miracles is the  album by American/Italian soul/funk studio collective Change, released in 1981 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Paradise” (5:14) A2. “Hold Tight” (4:23) A3. “Your Move” (4:23) A4. “Stop for Love” (4:12) B1. “On Top” (5:13) B2. “Heaven of My Life” (5:34) B3. “Miracles” (5:17) Credits: Mauro Malavasi — producer, arranger, conductor, piano, synthesizer, executive […]

Syreeta ‎– Set My Love in Motion (1981)

Set My Love in Motion is the fifth solo album by American soul vocalist/songwriter Syreeta Wright, released in 1981 on Tamla. Tracklist: A1. “Quick Slick” (5:25) A2. “Move It, Do It” (3:55) A3. “You Set My Love in Motion” (3:29) A4. “There’s Nothing Like a Woman in Love” (4:24) A5. “Can’t Shake Your Love” (4:14) […]