Eno – Another Green World (1975)

Another Green World is the third solo album by English art-rock/electronic musician Brian Eno, released in 1975 on Island.

A1. “Sky Saw” (3:27)
A2. “Over Fire Island” (1:51)
A3. “St. Elmo’s Fire” (3:01)
A4. “In Dark Trees” (2:32)
A5. “The Big Ship” (2:37)
A6. “I’ll Come Running” (3:50)
A7. “Another Green World” (1:42)
B1. “Sombre Reptiles” (2:23)
B2. “Little Fishes” (1:32)
B3. “Golden Hours” (4:00)
B4. “Becalmed” (3:55)
B5. “Zawinul / Lava” (2:56)
B6. “Everything Merges With the Night” (4:03)
B7. “Spirits Drifting” (2:47)

Brian Eno — vocals, guitar, castanets, synthesizer, tape, organ, Farfisa, Hammond organ, piano, prepared piano, grand piano, bass pedals, percussion, effects, bass guitar, producer, songwriter
Paul Rudolph — bass, snare drum, guitar
Percy Jones — fretless bass
Phil Collins — drums, percussion
Rod Melvin — rhodes electric piano, piano
John Cale — viola
Robert Fripp — guitar, lead guitar
Brian Turrington — bass, piano

Rhett Davies — producer, engineer

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